What are White Spots on Lips

White Spots on Lips

So I did always say to everybody that I wasn't gonna lie anymore so I'm not gonna lie anymore to everybody I do have a spot on my lip and I've tried to basically avoid doing

videos all week and I've just like shit like what have I been uploading and I was like oh the

 laughter was vanity planet shitty now try it and everything always comes conclusion Elite

real whenever in my fucking cheater dressing gown I always make words work that don't even

 make a complete entire sense today or anything to the equation I just kind of nicely jammed

 them in dono makes no sense dessert I know I watch your back and I think what am I going

on about just puttin that a bunch of smart words and everyone will praise you right so I have a spot my lip here and I filmed what's in my bag article and I was trying to like avoid it and I

was trying to lie in that like a more perfect and nothing ever wrong happens to me because

I'm so flawless and I'm so girls to be honest shit happens and sometimes you feel like a tear

going down a stream okay and you can get a spot around your lip okay and it's not from

happy Steve nobody ever talks about spots around the lips it's definitely just oh you got

herpes when that is not always the questioned you can get blemishes around unit it is the

 common thing that can happen to us humans and it's the worst thing to happen to you

because you can't cover it like you try out into this real world and it's something you just can't cover because they demand your fucking lip okay it's around your fucking lip like I'm just like

 you could just try anywhere else on my face I would not mind so just flirt alright but when it's around your lip it's just kind of like you look and you think that was she been it's like no so

 basically I just wanted to kind of share with you what I have been doing to get rid of it

basically I noticed set on Thursday when I was at college and I was sat there doing Joe nails

and I was so conscious of it I was like like trying to hide you know you have to talk to people

 I'm like I was like why I didn't want to go in that day but I was like you know I'm gonna get

 trained in gel polish in I'm going in I'm just gonna do it I got my attendants to go no so then

when I do actually want to have a bad day I'm not gonna do it I should say you know nobody's

gonna know it's there but nobody did say anything to me but I just feel like you know what

 everybody looks at you and you just try to avoid attention off you that I just feel like when

people look at me they can see it and I'm just kind of like what is going on with this fucking

 camera keeps on turning me off I'm getting sick I bet one minute the cards fine that I put in a new memory card and they just keeps on automatically shutting me off this camera is not

broken because it's gonna cut me off it's when I talk too loud it cuts me off you fucking

kidding me but anyway it's just something you can't avoid because it's like I know you're so self

 obsessed it's so faint but like you sit there with a giant fucking puss and spot on the corner of

your lip it's a mini 18 okay it's not fun I was just sat there like I just want to go home and I

 just want to sit alone in my room because if nobody sees dead then they can't judge me

because it's not real in their imaginary brain I'm trying to make a word up there but it did not

go today it really didn't stick but to be fair she's so miserable so today I'm going to be sharing

with you how to kind of help get rid of one because I still have it I don't know if you can see it

but it is right now I'm just lovely pointing out for you and I've just felt really miserable I just

haven't been feeling in kind of myself because wait and I know that's kind of like a car but it's

 like you know what I mean it's kind of the mood filming like you just don't feel this glamour

as I could be so this is where it is I don't so cheap and so old and I'm gonna get rid of it just

doesn't make you feel as amazing as you could do so the first things that you're gonna need are these two things these have been definitely helping which is surgical spirit and you can get in

 savers in just the medic while this is at one pound 49 and basically what this does it just kills

bacteria and I just could imagine right now humble peasants drinking this because you know

just contain a lot of alcohol so do not drink it it does have the safety cap here which really is

a pistol but when I do have some of my lovely cotton buds which I dropped in there decided to keep them in so what I want to do is I want to clean the spot and then I'm gonna cut out all

the venom and the poison there's been circulating in that piss food and spot because I've really

wanna get rid of it and I really want to clean it so I'm gonna clean it first I'm gonna piss out

the pass and then they'll put some more in and I'm gonna put some cream in it which is my

bliss jacks so now I do not have fucking herpes so do not ever label me as that like I wanted to be really real like I could just slide it pretend it everything's fine and nobody would have

noticed and just pretended like I'm just going to take a selfie and just act like I'm so happy in

 my life because everything's amazing like just gonna hold in my stomach I've had about some

bitch who quitted Instagram and everything she was like it's together and she quit it because

 everything was so fake aa but you vited the fake in didn't you like Johnny mean like you used

the fitness tay and you pretended it was good and you got the whitening strips and the fucking

 waist shitty thing they're all trying to sell to us i you advertise that nobody had to like for she

to do it nobody put fucking like you type in your fingers was gonna put nobody put the words

 in your mouth but then I thought well you didn't really say it you typed it didn't you bitch like

 come on like you say I'm hush I sound really real like nobody forces you to do these things so

I mean I've been sent a and my hair advertising it I'm ahead drinking it like bitch all I can say

 is to you it's going to eat your fitness tape if you even drink it I have no fucking sympathy

for you but you like I'll build a backlash that will happen to me if I say it shit or that if you're

 not having a good time right you don't have to sit there and be like and smile for the picture when you're not having a good time not I don't do that if I'm not happy I'm not going to

 smile in the picture like you know I like but we're not actually having a good time when I

afterwards site so yeah it really is just frustrating though so I have fake can you fucking get

let's just beg for more likes get a big firm that like it's just really I've thought about it now and

I think like I'm so real compared to any youtuber on fucking the whole of YouTube because

they would never talk about any of this shit like everything's amazing like oops supposed to

 meant to say that so I'm gonna go wash my hands to make sure they're all clean and I will be

trotting back after that makes me cringe to the bone though I've got some cotton buds and all

I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna clean around the area I'm gonna go and get myself a cotton pad oh no if there is anybody on YouTube who's actually done this video as a spot around your

myth because I've never actually seen any and so anyway I've just split a cotton pad and I'm

 gonna do I was gonna pop Emily's alright I'm not I'd won today I buy whenever you want to

 show a demonstration of something it just don't happen does it but then wait you don't want

 to and we all know so all I'm going to do is just clean around the area Oh sign of surgical

sparrow is not the kind of thing you want to put on your skin if you want to clean something

you've got it so it's right here and as you can see you won't be able to see up I'm not zooming in okay I know I'm being all real and I'm not gonna lie anymore but there's only so much I can

 show so what I'm gonna do it's gonna be really hard but I'm just gonna squeeze it my trip from

yesterday of me applying this has lovely and fantastically deserted me and I cannot find it so

basically all I'm going to be doing is applying some of this I'm gonna wash my hands and yeah I just wanted to show it because I felt like it made no complete utter sense if the screen just

went blank and it was just me applying surgical spirit and you didn't actually see so as you can

 see the spot has gone down and basically I haven't been using any of my lip balms aka any of

 my new ones like I've been dying to use my ear Weta's and really wanted to slide them on I've got all my coconut ones I haven't used them because I don't want to infect the area if you

 don't I mean and make it more clogged and things like that prevent is better than a cure so I

never want to cross infect my lips so there we go I'm going to wash my hands and apply some of my breast Rex just got a pop on the old lip and just kind of go around everywhere I would

 see do this about five times a day I know that's quite intense but if you really want to get rid

of something it's definitely something to surgically go with so anyway I'm gonna pop off the screen now me and my little smart words that make no sense with the situation.
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