What are the Best Vitamins for Skin? We Reveal What You Need

What are the Best Vitamins for Skin

Best Vitamins for Skin is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about vitamin supplements skin , vitamins elasticity repair and hair

I am dr. Lawrence seemless chief of dermatology at st. Luke's Hospital in st. Louis Missouri and founder of rx Systems PF today we're going to talk about how to apply vitamins to the skin

it's important to become a very educated consumer so that you know what vitamin you're

applying to the skin what the concentration of the product is and how its packaged it's going

to be very important to apply vitamins in the evening they are natural antioxidants vitamin
C is the single largest water soluble antioxidant in the skin and it's the skins natural protection

 to ultraviolet damage vitamin A and vitamin E are two of the most important lipid soluble

antioxidants in the skin and again they help fight those free radicals that have been created by

 that Sun damaged by smoking again antioxidants and vitamins need to applied in the evening

one of the other things you'll find is that vitamins come in serums they come in lotions and

they come in creams want you to determine whether it's a serum a lotion or cream it's
important that if it is a serum that it would be applied first if it's a cream obviously it would be

 applied second and what does that mean that means that you can apply more than one

vitamin to the skin even in the evening this happens to be a vitamin C serum ultraviolet rays

 and air actually oxidize vitamins that we apply to the skin if you notice with the vitamin C

serum it's actually in an airless pump so it protects the vitamin preparation from air in light
it's important if you have other vitamin products such as the rejuvenating retinol cream that

rx systems PF produces that when you use it take the lid off take what you need apply to the

skin and immediately apply the lid so that you help prevent that oxidation it's important

when you use the antioxidants to the skin after you have applied them you wait two or three

minutes and then apply some hydrating moisturizer I think that any peptide containing

Dreiser with soluble collagen elastin are obviously the natural peptides of the skin they're
going to work better and should be used daily in the morning it's very important to use that

facial moisturizer with SPF of at least 30 and preferably containing zinc oxide or titanium

dioxide is that's going to help prevent those browning rays are UVA rays of the Sun again this

is dr. Lawrence Samuels chief of dermatology at st. Luke's Hospital in st. Louis Missouri and

founder of rx systems PF and i explained to you on how to properly apply vitamins to the skin you. Next How to Get Rid of Itchy Armpits

That's the info about Best Vitamins for Skin, vitamins dry skin, skin acne, glowing whitening. may be useful
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