Toenail Fungus Treatment You Can Do At Home

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Hey this is dr. Barry let's talk for just a few minutes about how to cure toenail fungus now we know millions of people suffer from this ugly problem and most people don't realize it but it

can actually lead to very serious infections as well of the toe and of the foot and even of the

leg so toenail fungus is not only an ugly problem we'd rather not see it can also be dangerous as well now if you know someone who has ugly toenail fungus please share this with them

because you can help them so much by doing that you can share this right where you're at or

 you can share it on Twitter Pinterest Instagram you can even send an email or a text message

for your friend so let's talk about toenail fungus and how to cure it now if you implement the

strategies that I'm about to list in this video you're gonna cure your toenail fungus okay but

you have to realize it takes a long time to do that and the toenail fungus will come back if you

 don't continue if you don't basically make these part of your daily strategies the toenail

fungus can come back toenail fungus usually affects older people more commonly than it

affects younger people but even young people can be affected it usually affects men more

than women but women can definitely have it too the toenail fungus basically jumps on board

at a place that's not very well protected by your immune system but then is also very

protective when it comes to a fungus from the environment and so it's kind of it's kind of a

perfect little setup for this fungus that we'll talk about so toenail fungus is caused by either

dermatophytes or yeasts or molds now all of those sound gross and you don't really want those but let me tell you first and foremost we all have yeast and there matta fights and molds on

 our body all the time our immune system is used to that it just fights them off if it is strong

 enough and if the environment around your tissue is normal then your body can just fight

fungus is off like it's nothing and so you have bacteria you know fungus you have virus they're

all over you all the time and if that freaks you out you got to get you to that you've got to

just come to grips with that you are covered both inside and outside with fungus viruses and

bacteria it's just part of being a human being we can't help that but what we can do is make the

environment so inhospitable that they can't get under the skin or in this case under the nail

and start doing their dirty work so we let's talk about this now fungus we know what this is this

is mushrooms is a macroscopic example but there are thousands of different species of

microscopic fungus there mattified sand yeast that can colonize the human body we know that

 fungus like mushrooms love dark places they love moist places and some yeasts and funguses

love warm places and so you can think of the inside of your shoe as the kind of perfect

environment it's dark it's warm its moist high humidity so the yeast is perfectly at home right

 there and so you have to work on that also you have to remember that yeasts love sugar

that's that's how we turn grape juice into wine is the the yeast eats up the sugar because it

loves it yeast they don't like to eat protein that much and they don't like to eat fat that much

they like sugar and so now let's talk about the strategies to cure your toenail fungus and keep

in mind this is going to take at least six months because if you have an ugly toenail like the

one in the thumbnail you that nails already damaged you can't fix that nail that nail will have

 to grow off and it takes from four to seven months for the average adult human big toenail to

grow off okay and so if you drop a cinder block on your toe it's gonna take about six months

 for it to grow a complete new toenail and that's what we're gonna have to do we're gonna

stop the the yeast or the fungus in its tracks and then new nail is going to have to grow out

 but the old nail that's already messed up you'll just have to keep trimming it straight across

 until it grows out okay so you can't reverse the damage that's already done you just have to

 grow a new healthy nail while keeping the fungus and the dermatophyte it's in the east at bay

 and so here's how you're gonna do it strategy number one is to fix your diet did you see that

coming yeah you got to eat low carb you got to eat almost no sugars very few starches if you

 eat a carbohydrate it needs to count it needs to be locked up in fiber and full of vitamins and

minerals you need to eat a low carb high healthy fat or a ketogenic diet that's gonna make your body much less hospitable for all fungus all yeasts all bacteria and all viruses they don't

like that kind of environment they want a sugar filled environment and so you've got to move

your diet perhaps from the standard american or the standard UK or canadian diet to a low

carb high healthy fat diets and then the viruses and the fungus just they won't like you as much

you won't taste as good and so it'll make your toenail less hospitable to them that's number

one number two you got to think about the toenail environments where the yeast and fungus

 is like to grow they like dark they like closets they like humid they like warm like moist that

is the perfect environment inside your shoe so you're gonna have to make it a habit where are

your shoes when you have to but anytime you don't have to have your shoes on so the second

 you get home you're gonna take your shoes and socks off and you're gonna go barefoot as

much as you can that's gonna dry out that nail that's gonna get more light to that area and it's

 not gonna be as warm and so the fungus is gonna like your toenail a lot less next is the Sun

this is the silver magic bullet for fungus and yeast just as mushrooms they don't love to grow

in the Sun they'd much prefer to grow under a tree or deep in the forest that's where they like

they don't like direct sunlight and so you seldom see a mushroom Mountain and direct sunlight

for long and the fungus on your toenails is no exception the yeast the fungus they are the

mattify it's they do not like sunlight so if you can get five minutes a day of Sun on your toes

that's going to help eradicate the fungus and keep the fungal count so low that it's just not able

 to get into the toenail now so some Sun five minutes a day is a big big deal it's free it's easy

and might get some vitamin D in the process next are all the souks that you may have seen

on other YouTube videos the apple cider vinegar soak the Vicks salve there's actually some

limited research that shows that it probably does lower the the fungal load and will help to

cure your toenail fungus but it's not a hundred percent none of these things are really a

hundred percent it takes all this together for you to cure that toenail fungus okay and so yeah

do apple cider vinegar soak once a week do the the Vig salve regimen they're gonna help but

you can't do just that and nothing else you have to fix your diet and you have to fix the

environment of the toenail or you're not gonna have much success with the soaks the next is hygiene now I'm not saying you're dirty I'm not saying your feet are stinky I'm just saying you

need to get take your old toothbrush and put it in the shower you need a new toothbrush

anyway right right so get a new toothbrush and put the old one in the shower every time you

 wash your feet after you've soaked them up you're gonna take that toothbrush and you're

gonna scrub gently the crevices around your toenails okay because there are microscopic

particles of lint dead skin cells and maybe some dirt they get caught in there and if you just

wash with your hands you're not getting all that out and just a quick little scoop with the the

 tooth the bristles of the toothbrush you're gonna get all that microscopic debris out of there

which would otherwise hold moisture and also help the fungus to hide under all that junk right

so use your touch use your toothbrush every time you're in the shower just make that part of

 your daily regimen okay next is keep your toe nails trimmed neatly but don't trim around the

 corners and don't ever dig and try to dig the fungus out are you going to do is increase your

risk of an infection and it can be quite a serious infection sometimes or you'll get an ingrown

toenail from that so don't do that just trim them straight across keep them neat and then

lastly the last hygiene tip is to blow-dry your toes after you dry off because if you just dry

your foot off of the towel there's still water in the crevices right there's still water under the

toenail but if you throw a hair dryer on there and blow-dry your toes for three minutes it's not

going to take much time out of your day and it's early dry those toes before you have to put

on your your socks and shoes if you have to do that and so just those changes in your regimen

are gonna cost you an extra three minutes a day but they're gonna greatly decrease the

hospital bility is that a word of your toenails for fungus your fungus just ain't gonna like it

because it's so clean it's so dry there's so much air getting to the area and then if and so now

remember what I said even if you do all these things that's gonna take six months for the old

damaged toenail to grow off and for the new toenail to come back beautiful okay and you'll

have a good normal toenail now if you do all this stuff for six months and you still have

fungus then you should probably go see your dock and get some labs checked and see what's up

with your immune system because if you fixed your diet and you're getting sun on those toes

 and you're doing the soaks your immune system should really be stronger because of the low-carb healthy fat diet fighting from the inside and then you fix the outside environment that

should fix the fungus and you may have an immune issue if you still have fungus after six

months of this regimen and so some few people have to take the prescription medication for toenail fungus so let me tell you a little about that in case you have too it's called lamisil

terbinafine and the recommendation is for you to take one pill a day for six weeks now lamisil

works there's no doubt about it but it's very harsh on your liver the way I describe it to

patients is it makes your liver do lots of extra push-ups every day and your liver d√ľndar like

doing extra push-ups and so if you do take it try to just take it for two weeks once a day for

two weeks instead of once a day for six weeks because if you're doing all the things I listed in

the regimen all you'll need is two weeks and that'll be the end of the fungus okay then you can

 just keep doing the other things in the regimen because you've made a part of your daily life

through our habit you don't even think about if you do have to take the lamisil for six solid

weeks you need to make sure that your doctor is checking your liver function at the beginning

in the middle and at the end of that therapy because sometimes lamisil can be very harsh on your liver. Next Baking Soda for Hair Growth – The How and Why Answered

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