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Shingles Symptoms
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Shingles also known as herpes zoster is a reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox after an individual gets chickenpox the virus essentially goes to sleep it becomes dormant in the body

and for some people that's pretty much the end of the story it stays dormant for the rest of

your life however in other patients the virus can essentially wake up and when it does that it

 produces a very painful rash on the body and that's what we refer to as shingles were perfect

Oscar so if you imagine you kind of draw a line down your body in the middle with left and
 right halves the rash typically presents all in on one side of the body and it can be very

painful the rash is most commonly located on the torso of the chest and back area it can also

 be present on the limbs as well as the face one of the more concerning areas that can present

is on or around the eye and when that happens we typically need an eye doctor to be involved in the care of the patients it's very important to notes that the pain of shingles can

 sometimes perceive the appearance of a rash for days or even weeks this typically occurs in

patients who have a weakened immune system which occurs naturally as people age but also

can occur if patients are taking certain immune suppressing medications or another way of

saying that is medications that impair the function of your immune system so we generally

say patients who are over the age of 50 and older as well as those on medications such as high

doses of steroids or methotrexate is a thiamine Michael friendly etc there are many our

 increased risk for developing this the treatment for shingles includes antiviral therapy that's

 targeted directly at the herpes virus that causes the infection it's important that this

 treatment is administered as soon as possible ideally within 72 hours from the onset of

symptoms the importance of rapid treatments is to prevent complications and one

complication that many people worry about is something called post herpetic neuralgia what

this is is basically persistent pain at the site where the rash is and this pain unfortunately the
lasts months even years long after the rash is resolved so that's the main complication that

early treatments is hoping to prevent shingles is even more relevant for patients who have an

 underlying rheumatic disease as I mentioned before medications often use to treat these

patients impair the function of the immune system which is one of the main risk factors for

 developing shingles so patients who are on many medications including high doses of steroids

methotrexate ASA fibrin mycophenolate the list is quite long those are all medications that

increase the risk of developing it so there is a vaccine that can help prevent the occurrence of

shingles the vaccine is approved for those over the age of 50 and recommended for those

over the age of 60 however there are patients under the age of 50 that are at risk of

 developing shingles as we mentioned before patients on certain types of medications so it may be appropriate for them to receive this vaccine

so patients who have underlying rheumatic disease and are being treated with medications are

 allowed to receive the vaccine put on in certain situations in general patients need to be on

very low doses of medications that impact the immune system to be able to receive the

 vaccines safely and this is a very individualized decision depends on the patient's underlying

disease what specific medications they are on so they should absolutely be speaking to their

 rheumatologist about whether it's appropriate for them to consider this vaccine so there's a

lot of exciting work being done in this field there are currently ongoing studies looking at

 whether patients can safely receive disaster's vaccine while receiving higher doses of immune
 medications in addition there are different types of zoster vaccines being produced that might

provide safer alternatives to patients receiving that patients overall we like patients to be

aware of what shingles is how it can present and the importance of early treatments

 particularly for patients who have an underlying rheumatic disease and are being treated with

medications we want them to remember that it is safe to receive the vaccine but only under the guidance of their Rheumatologist.

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