Schizoid Personality Disorder - Is it Different than Schizophrenia?

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Well this is dr. grande today the question is what is schizoid personality disorder now schizoid personality disorder is a mental health disorder and it's categorized in cluster a of the

 personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual so it's with other disorders like

 paranoid personality disorder and schizotypal personality disorder a lot of times when people

hear the term schizoid personality disorder they think of schizophrenia and they're actually

 distinct disorders schizoid personality disorder is characterized by detachment and a restricted

range of emotions a lot of times the term we hear associated with this personality disorder is

loner somebody with schizoid personality disorder is often thought to be a loner they have

difficulty forming relationships with other people close relationships and really no interest in

 forming those relationships so there's a deficit with communication and social interaction

skill but also no desire to use those skills we see individuals with this disorder tend to take jobs

that have an isolated component like working alone at night as a security guard they

 deliberately choose jobs that don't involve a lot of social interaction sometimes individuals

with schizoid personality disorder will have a close relationship with a member of their family

 but even with the concept of family they just don't seem to be generally interested in

relationships so it could be that somebody with this disorder has no close relationships

 oftentimes individuals with this disorder don't move out they don't get married so they'll live

 with their parents or live alone we also see a decreased interest in any type of pleasure that

can be gained from interpersonal experiences including sexual activity with other people

 individuals with this disorder generally do not have an interest in sex individuals with schizoid

personality disorder generally don't find pleasure in a lot of activities that would normally bring pleasure they also seem to be indifferent to praise or criticism they don't seem to

respond to people approving of their behavior or disapproving their neutral and they tend to

have a cold flat effect so the presentation is not expressive typically now what's unusual about

schizoid personality disorder is when you look at the DSM the Diagnostic and Statistical

 Manual and you look at all the different mental health disorders in there many of the mental

health disorders have a criterion that there needs to be clinically significant distress meaning

 whatever the symptoms are that are associated with that disorder they need to lead to some

sort of stress for that person some sort of decrease in functioning that's not the case with

 schizoid personality disorder there's no criterion for clinically significant distress and a lot of

times we see with individuals who have this disorder they function fairly well again they tend

to work in an isolated type job they don't have a lot of friends they don't take a lot of

pleasure in various activities but that doesn't mean they're not functioning many of them

 work and many of them are productive so it doesn't really fit in line with a lot of other

personality disorders or mental health disorders in the DSM in that regard so if you don't have

 a lot of stress with the mountain health disorder do you need treatment well there are

treatments available for schizoid personality disorder but a lot of times individuals with this

disorder do not seek treatment they don't view themselves as having anything problematic

with their affect or thinking or behavior we see very few instances of skipper scenario sorter

in a mental health community and treatment community the prevalence in the population

though is thought to be around three or four percent so there are quite a number of individuals

with this disorder and very few being treated if someone with this disorder does come in for

treatment the treatment usually focuses on coping skills improving relationships or building

 relationships improving social skills and communication I hope you found this description of schizoid personality disorder to be interesting.
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