What are Scabs on Scalp? How to Treat Common Scalp Issues?

Scabs on Scalp
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Hey guys Ilse here and welcome back to my blog so today's topic is going to be about having a tender scalp and how to care for it

so one of the reasons why you're experiencing the tender scalp is because there's inflammation

at the base so inflammation on your scalp you basically need to use products that's going to

 fight against inflammation and speaking from experience I'm someone who when I go to get

my hair braided or if I go to get my hairstyle my scalp is super tender sometimes and I noticed

once I started using anti-inflammatory products my scalp I didn't deal with the same you know

level of discomfort while I was getting my hair braided so the product I'm going to use today is

called emu oil and I love this product because it does fight against inflammation don't take my

 word for it I am asking for everyone that's watching this video to please go and look up what

 emu oil actually does for your skin for your scalp etc I absolutely love this stuff because of

 the anti-inflammatory properties to it what's going to happen is as you're using it over time

you're going to notice that it's going to help reduce inflammation on your scalp and therefore

 you won't be asked your scalp won't be as tender to the touch so let's begin so most of my

problem area is the front of my head where I'm like most tender so I do focus a little bit more

on that area so just take a little bit and I just simply grease my scalp you so I'm going to

complete the rest off-camera I'll be right back okay and I'm all done so I want for you guys to just monitor you here if you feel any excessive itching or if you feel any irritation just go

ahead and wash your hair immediately you know obviously products that are going to work for

 me may not work for everybody else but just keep a lookout for anything that you feel is out

 of the ordinary okay if you have another reaction to it you should just wash your hair

immediately all right.
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