Red Bumps on Legs, Are they Keratosis Pilaris?

Red Bumps on Legs
Red Bumps on Legs - illustration

Hey so today I'm going to talk about keratosis pilaris or Red Bumps on Legs and as you probably can hear an IV my nose is a bit like stuff and Anais liked it third time in a month

my throat is sore again and like here my voice really loud inside my head so oh it is so

annoying and irritating but yeah I cannot like stop making videos just because of that so I

hope it doesn't annoy you too much mope I don't like get a headache from hearing my own

 voice like really love inside my head what I was going to talk about was and keratosis pilaris

and that is also known as like chicken bumps that is really common to get we will get it all

over your body but it's real common to get it on your upper arms and sometimes on your legs

 this must not be confused with an ingrown hairs or irritation after shaving both that is not

the same and it has it doesn't have the same cost so I'm going to make a video about that later

 but this is for keratosis pilaris which is not an irritation because of Shaving your skin is built

up of something called keratin and sometimes you can have excess keratin that clogs the hair

 follicle and when that happens the hair cannot grow out and it will get get can of an irritation

 and it will grow into a bump and that is what this chicken skin is and for all people this all

pass but some people it won't pass until the 40's and for me it has become less as I grow older

I'm not old but it was as is as getting it when I was I think about like 17 and I had it for about

two years and I was starting to go away again but it goes up and down it has some periods

 where it's worse in some periods was better but I also started to getting my legs and my arms

 so it's kind of annoying but yes you cannot like get rid of it totally before your body at the

 sides it wants to get rid of it but you can do some things to make it go away like temporarily

 and make it look better and I'm just going to tell you what it looks like it looks like really

very small almost like pimples and a skin they can be red and they can be skin colored they do

 not have pass in them if you kind of pick Adam or something like that only if you have been

 really irritating up then can develop to acne but acne and keratosis pilaris it is not the same and it is almost like when you're really cold you have this chicken skin looks like that but

maybe a bit more red yeah the first thing that you have to remember is to exfoliate because

this is excess curtain on your skin you can get it away with exfoliating it's best to use an

exceeding exfoliator and step instead of like only exfoliating with a scrub or something you

can use something with glycolic acid in it or self silicic acid or something acid in it because

 that is going to be better and also less irritating because sometimes your kurtosis pilaris the

 areas can be a bit irritated and red so you don't want to make it any worse and also if you

didn't know at shaving is a form of exfoliant so you can shape and make it better but just be

sure that you don't feel like a lot of times over just like do it want food I don't know if people like shade their upper arms but if you do don't worry I can still do it but do not irritate your

skin with your shaving and make sure that you don't use any products on your arms and

wherever you have it that is going to clog your pores and use non comedogenic product on

your skin don't use anything that you wouldn't use on your face you probably can use body

lotion but be careful with what brands you Jews and what they contain mineral oil is probably

not the best so if you have a butter lotion that is really high in mineral oil or paraffin in liquid 'm which is another name for my mineral oil stay away from that because that clog apart and

 stay to the brands that you know are good for your skin it probably won't clog your pores and

 if you if you really want to be sure that it doesn't call of your pores make sure to use the same

thing that you have used on your face and works fine for face and it probably will work good

for your body as well but also if you have some kind of active treatment for your skin that

 you have done from a doctor like stereo steroids or some cat or something that will make

your skin thinner I have something that it called different it is a contains of add a pellet but

 yeah it is what is inside different that makes your skin thinner so that will also make your and

keratin go away so you can definitely use that if you have something like that that is probably

something that your doctor will prescribe to you if you go to the doctor and also some people

notice that this is better in the summer and it isn't really certain why it is it could be if you are
bathing a lot in the salt water that can make it go away and also it can be the UV rays yeah I don't really recommend anyone to go telling because that is going to age your skin and it's

nothing I would recommend but if you really really want to make it better UV rays can make

it better but be sure to be really careful wear sunscreen don't like Linus Sun for ten hours at the

time be careful with UV rays but it can help and ordinary soap can dry your skin so do not use

 ordinary soap when you cleanse that area try using a face cleanser or a body wash and without

 sulfates or at pair of you I won't just like if anyone wants dry they sell these and really small

 bottles Giovanni just a brand that I like which a lot of people know you can buy tan i herb

calm I would like I haven't been paid like talk about them or anything but they have a lot of

things without red sulfate which I know can be hard to find so if you want to check that out

 just do that so as a lot of people know if you get really dry skin in winter it can be because

because of the here use we have this at home this a Heat fan or whatever and every time we is

 that I cannot almost can't breathe like my throat yet and my nose gets really with a dry and

my eyes get really dry so I almost get bid and I really noticed that using these kind of fans

make the air dry and in the winter the air is usually really dry from before because cold air

 cannot hold on to as much water as in warm and warm air so make sure that you try and not

using this really heat fence and use a good moisturizer and and if you still have this problem

you can get a Eren unifier which can make it better and less dry and irritated and it is the same with keratosis powers as it is with other skin conditions and irritation do not peek at it just

leave it alone it can be worse I have a lot of scars you pop you cannot see it like but because

 of the lighting but if you look really close my skin is really and even at my arms because um

oh this so do not peek at them because yeah you will get scarring like you will with acne and

 your face is the place where your and your skin heals best so I think that you will get a scar from in your face if you pick in a certain if you pick at your face and get a scar you will

definitely get a are at other places of pick but because that cell renewal is much faster in your

 face and on the rest of your body so don't pick at them and just leave them alone and also

with this skin condition do not exfoliate like two times a day do the same thing as you would

do to like sensitive areas as your face you can exfoliate maybe twice a week with and glycolic

 acid for example and also make sure that you moisturize off moisturize preferably once a day

 or if you have been showering always moisturize right after it and showering do not lie - warm shower for an hour because that will dry out your skin and make this condition worse nothing

 you can try is using a a body lotion with lactic acid in it and that you can put on regular let's

 can soften your skin and make it better also make sure that you drink enough water because

that is also something that is really important to keep your skin healthy and moisturized and

 a lot of people does not know this certain food foods can make you break up and drinking

milk is actually something that that most people in the world are intolerant of the only place where most people actually isn't intolerant of milk products is in north Europe and

 Scandinavia and if your origins is from somewhere else like South Europe Africa Asia

whatever you are probably going to be and milk at tolerant so if you haven't tried avoiding

milk and their products like yogurt cheese and all that stuff for a while just try not eating it

 for like a month or if you're really a cheese addict or something two weeks and just see if it

improves because most people in the word are intolerant of milk and dairy products and this

can also improve some things like acne and eczema and just check it any foods that you are

allergic of them that you didn't know it can be like anything to try maybe if you have like

 really bad flare-ups that like your skin is real great for like Montana like certainly like flares up try remembering what you were eating and you can't remember that's try having a food

diary if it is something that really bothers you it is you can also do this with acne if and all of

these things really works for you you can go to a dermatologist or a doctor that can give you

give you something on prescription that exists but make sure that you try other options first

 thank you for watching this video I hope this helped if you tried something or if you have

done something else that has worked for your condition please tell me and I will be happy to

 try it myself I really have it anymore just tiny bit but yeah if you can get rid of more why not.
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