Razor Bumps on Vag – How to Prevent Irritation when Shaving

Razor Bumps on Vag

Hey guys today's article is about how to get rid of razor bumps and we're gonna jump right in it's a short article but it's gonna be very very important you guys can use it we all care whether you're a guy or girl

so let's get into the video first tip that I have is make sure that you are changing your razors

you're not supposed to be shaving with the same exact razor every single time and when you

are using the same one maybe the first two times you use it you want to make sure that every

 time you're finished with your razor you're putting it under hot hot steaming water with some

soap and you're cleaning it because that's gonna take all that bacteria off and get you ready for

 the next shake and you want to open those pores up if you're not opening your pores up then

it's just gonna scrape that's how you get rid of them the next thing is the way that I do not get

 razor bumps I have not gotten razor bumps and so so long no we're like nothing and they're

all going because of aloe vera gel yes this is how you get rid of those bumps so after shave

works just as well but looking for a cheaper way of minimizing those bumps and you don't

want razor bumps which none of us do use aloe vera what you're gonna do is after you are

done shaving and you dry off your skin make sure you're padding it you're not rubbing it that

also makes razor bumps you are going to use this aloe vera gel on your skin wherever you're

doing whether it's there or here you can get razor bumps a lot of places it's not just where you

think people get them you can get them everywhere so this job has really helped me so much

I have not seen any razor bumps in a long time and if you have scars from razor bumps you

can get that away with using different types of dark spot corrector but I have no spots

anymore I don't have no bumps or anything and it's all because of aloe vera gel so use it check

 it out I got this at CVS you can get at your local drugstore and if you read it it says and

smooth-skinned and that's why it's going to help you with your razor bumps your skin is

getting pressed down by that razor while you're raising away trying to get your hair off and it's

just not used to that our skin is not used to you know strong things just Ted it's our razor

bumps start to come so aloe vera gel is gonna smooth and soo of you and it's gonna get rid of

those bumps so yeh screenshot screenshot you can get this at your local CVS Walgreens anywhere I hope you guys. Next What are the Best Vitamins for Skin? We Reveal What You Need

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