How to Tighten Neck Skin? Top 10 Remedies

How to Tighten Neck Skin

How to Tighten Neck Skin is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about how tighten neck skin without surgery, after weight loss, tightening procedures, cream

Hi, I am here today honey y'all know we've been working on the wrinkles we've been working on glowing but we need to work on tightening things up I notice as

I get older and I know I keep my mouth in a certain form because I blow a saxophone y'all

know I have to be like all the pressure is so I'm gonna work on trying to get this Joel on

tighten up there's various things that you can do I know there is and I was doing some research

and I found a recipe that I wanted to try and start trying on my face and I know I can use this

particular one since is so gentle every day and I need every day because I want I ain't gonna lie
 to you y'all can say what you want to then that dead hey black don't crack and you know we

we don't we don't we do we do well I be looking at y'all you look in the mirror look in the

mirror what see um you've got a quick girl home and get real we're gonna get real we are just

real people here doing real things if you don't like it back right now we can move forward and

 do this recipe so y'all come on in the kitchen with me and ask unit shoppin all right as I
mentioned we're getting ready to mix up there's a great little mask to tighten the face and skin

you know I noticed I know I know you saying you cannot not get old well you know I'm

gonna have my fun in this kitchen doing what I do and I want you to come along with me so

 we're gonna go ahead and put my cucumber in let you stir get the juice out break open an egg

and get the egg white and mix it all together are you ready to do this Delta hates about the

other juicer now there it is that's how I get about users directed ain't no better way taking it

now we're just my egg whites in the chard here and I'm just going to take right now a table I

want to take the juice 1 tablespoon of yogurt all right beautiful babes we are back and we aren't

ready to apply this great mixture all over the face yes indeed there it is all blended up and I

have a towel because it can't get a little messy I could do it in there in my bathroom but it's

just not fun I just like being in here I do so I'm gonna put my towel around me I'm actually going to take my robe down a little bit where we're gonna take our mixture I have a little

brush to apply mine you can put this on leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes do this every day

you want to you can actually preserve this and a refrigerator for about two to three days and

then blend up some more so I am going to go ahead and proceed and apply my mask cucumber

 has so many benefits including vitamin C and caffeic acid which both fight to reduce inflamed

 and irritated skin and hydration thanks to its high water content the pill itself contains silica

which firms up sagging skin and that is why we did juice the entire cucumber egg is super great

for tightening and closing up pores using egg whites egg whites have astringent properties that help shrink pores by tightening the skin yes that is why we have one egg white in this mixture

 plain yoghurt it's great it naturally reduces fine lines and wrinkles the lactic acid in yogurt will

help dissolve dead skin and in tours and if you're certain you're going to be really using it don't

 level dip like I've been doing what you need to do is to go ahead and pour what you're going

to use in a separate jar so that you won't contaminate what you currently have so once this is

 dried or at least ten to fifteen minutes on the skin just go ahead and rinse it off with warm

water and apply your moisturizer as normal and as you start aging you'll notice your mouth

 will show just a little bit there in the corners little by little this will be a great help in deterring

 that and y'all know me I'm taking it all over I want to treat my neck my chest area just as

well as I do my face absolutely and y'all know cucumber is great and helping to tighten and

firm the booths [Music] all right before I use mine has actually dried I went to clean my mess

 in the kitchen and now I'm going to go in the shower and I rinse it off with some warm and

watch her and I feel it much tighter of course because the product has dried on my face so all

right beautiful babes I am back right now I'm gonna put a before-and-after for you today and I

have not moisturized yet so I do feel a difference definitely my skin is right now tighter could

 be because they have moisturized but I'm gonna keep up the treatment um you know like I
said you can do this one everyday if you wish it's very gentle and you'll feel the tightness in

the skin for sure I'm just going to go ahead and use a face cloth and just open my pores up

again I put my moisturizer on and if I'm not mistaken I swear my bags are tighter have tighten

up too so that is awesome that is really awesome just gonna monster eyes with my regular

DIY moisturizer here and that is it beautiful babes I believe this is worth the try go ahead get

your cucumber and some eggs used to egg white and a teaspoon of yogurt y'all I think you will  be amazed absolutely I'm gonna go ahead and beat my face today.

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