How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast and Effectively

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

Hey guys how you guys doing so today I am going to do a article about hickeys just little tricks and tips how to hide them or get rid of them faster

because we all know that it happens and we all don't always want to show it

so I thought that this video would be very very very good for you guys and especially since I

haven't seen a video for a while about hickeys or anything thought so I thought it'd be very

helpful for you guys just to get like a fresh new video for you if you guys haven't already

noticed my house is already kind of semi decorated with Christmas stuff my mom is very very excited for Christmas it's her favorite holiday normally I'd be recording in my room but the

Sun is directly facing my room today so the Sun is just blinding me and I look too white so

that is the reason why I'm in my living room for today now

so I'm gonna be showing you two techniques on how to get rid of a Hickey faster and because I have no hickeys on me I'm just going to be giving myself to hickeys on my arm and

demonstrating two techniques how to get rid of them okay

so I know I said that I would be giving myself to hickeys to demonstrate the two techniques

 but I can barely give myself one like if you could see it's like this red little mark right here

which is poorly poorly done but I was like just skinned my arm for a good like two minutes

and nothing really appeared so all the techniques that I'm going to be showing you it does

work I have used them in the past

 so just just bear with me please so the first technique that you would do if you had your

Hickey is that you would take a quarter and all you're gonna do is just rub out the popped of

blood vessels and you're just going to go over and it and push them out and that's all you're gonna do on just over the Hickey so when you do this technique you're going to actually be

separating the blood vessels to it go away faster and this one is the one that I actually mostly

commonly did in high school when I had hickeys and it like worked amazing my hickeys were

 gone within like a day or a day and a half so the next one is the frozen spoon from a freezer

so I just ran cold water over this and I put in the freezer so it freeze faster this one you got to

kind of prepare for a little bit more

because the spoon doesn't freeze like for at least probably like a good half an hour so once you

get your heat you're just gonna take the frozen spoon and you're gonna put it on your Hickey and you're gonna hold it there and then you're just gonna move it around all around your

Hickey and you're just gonna hold it there make sure that

if you do this method that you do it as soon as possible and right like right away when you get

 the Hickey if you wait a little bit it's not gonna actually work that good so the reason why

this technique works is because it helps minimize the spread edge of the blood vessels to the

skin and now I'm gonna give myself a poorly make up Hickey just

so I can show you the techniques to hide it if you were to get it on your neck of course

if you have long hair it is easier to hide it where you don't want to see them but if the wind blows or you move your hair BAM it is right there so one of the ways that you can make sure

that that is hidden and no one can see is wearing a scarf there's just so much ways you can

 wear a scarf like this is like one of the best ways because then that way it is just fully again of

course you've adjust it before you leave the house but it's just fully covered and you're solid the

second thing you can do is wear turtleneck and I know that when I was growing up that these

 things were not cool but you know now that I get a little bit older they're actually still pretty good like they they're cool and now

these days you can get them in that crop tops and

like just have a super cute outfit it's not like anything like when I was a little kid so see and it's

gone awesome that you can do does require a little bit more stuff and a little bit more effort is

 you can cover it with make oh well I remember when I got my first Hickey I actually of

going to my best friend Denise's house and getting her to put makeup on me because I suck so

bad and hide it so the first thing you're gonna want to do is you want to get one of those green

sticks so it can neutralize I think the color of red so all you're gonna do is just place it around we're done with that you're just going to

take your foundation or concealer works too you're just gonna block a little bit oh this does not match my skin tone whatsoever my mom actually gave me this I don't usually wear

foundation so what we're gonna work with it and then you just well this does not match my

skin tone at all but if it were to it would perfectly for the most part hide the Hickey annex I

mean I just put my concealer on but and then the Hickey is slightly gone mind you this

method does not always get rid of the Hickey but it can definitely fade it and more applicants

like smaller so it's not a bad method to do if you have like a tiny tiny Hickey that is the end of my video I hope that these tricks and

tips really come in handy because honestly sometimes you just still want to show a Hickey and

 I get it so these are just ways to hide them and get rid of them faster and I hope that you

really enjoyed them if you guys have tried these or think you're gonna try them please leave a

 comment down below and tell me and how it also tell me how good they worked for you

because I honestly know that these tricks have helped me in the past I don't really get hickeys

really anymore so I don't really use them anymore but in the past I definitely definitely helped me

so I hope that they really help you.
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