Top 11 Natural Ways How to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Natural is the title content I'll share today, there are also about how get rid dandruff permanently, fast, in one wash, reddit

so I'm gonna show you what I do to get rid of those annoying flake besides of course trying anti dandruff shampoo solutions like these which you should definitely

try first for a few weeks especially if your dandruff is mild if that doesn't work then try the

following tip starting with number one shampoo less every time you shampoo you're stripping

 away the natural oils of your scalp the scalp produces these natural oils if you shampoo every

 day then you're constantly just stripping these oils away then

what happens dry scalp which is one of the factors that lead to dandruff I've said this before here you can wash your hair with water every day and condition it as well every single day but

 only shampoo every 2 to 3 days just a heads up though if you've been shampooing every day

 and then all of a sudden you do it less and you might find yourself with greasy hair for a week

 or two if this happens don't worry all right

it's gonna go away and that's because your body needs to realize that it doesn't need to

replenish these oils as such fast rate anymore wait it out and not only will your hair be

healthier but also you're gonna get less flakes later on alright number two start using a

hydrating shampoo and conditioner in hot or humid climates the environment around you is actually pulling away that moisture from your hair and your scalp right which causes the

perfect conditions for dry scalp to form this is why lots of guys experience dandruff during the summer months and

by switching to hydrating products you're making sure that your hair is hydrated and

moisturized at all times as soon as they're using hydrating products you're gonna instantly feel

the difference your head will instantly feel refreshed and clean using these hydrating products

is like when you first apply moisturizer right for the very first time to your body you're gonna instantly feel amazing and you're gonna wonder

 how you ever lived without it number three another solution that you can try right now is

apple cider vinegar now I know a lot of you guys use this for cooking okay but this is amazing

to fight danger fizzes well all you need for the solution is apple cider vinegar alkaline water

and a small spray bottle kind of like this one here and the reason you use alkaline water is

since apple cider vinegar is acidic the alkaline water helps balance out the pH levels in it and you can put three to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in this spray bottle and then fill

the rest with alkaline water and that's it right and the way you're gonna use is this after you

shampoo you're gonna spray your entire hair with this mix and then afterwards you're just

gonna let it sit there for five to fifteen minutes just let it soak in and then you wash it off

using conditioner and that's it alright this is simple an affordable solution you can do this at home if you have severe dandruff

I actually recommend you do this once a week or

maybe like once every two weeks I give out a lot of tips like this on my newsletter by the way

guys which goes out every single week for free so if you guys want to join all you have to do

to sign up is just click the link in the description like I said it's free you know you can

unsubscribe at any point so there's no reason to not go and check it out and I also talked a lot about personal things about personal experiences that I've been going through that I've been

through that might help you guys out as well so make sure to click the link in the description

 below to sign up to my free newsletter number four depending on how bad your dandruff is I

recommend you use a scalp brush now I know you're probably thinking what the hell is a scalp

 brush and how do I get one well the idea behind this brush is you want to use it when you apply any product to your hair this goes for shampoo

this goes for conditioner or even the apple cider vinegar solution that we just talked about this

 ensures that the product gets deep in there right and also helps remove any stubborn dandruff that might be stuck in your hair and the best part is is that it's actually massages and exfoliates

 your scalp preventing any future dandruff buildup number five I've talked about hair masks

 here but I'm not sure if you guys have started using them yet the same way you see people

you know using masks on their face to hydrate their skin you can do the same for your hair in your scalp it deep conditions your scalp and your hair and as soon as you're done with the

mask you're gonna feel an instant difference in the way their your hair and your scalp feel

trust me like you can buy this online I have like this Moroccan oil hydrating mask that I

really like but you can also get natural solutions like a coconut oil mask just apply it to your

hair and your scalp and leave it in for an hour or

so and then after that just wash it off and use shampoo and conditioner to make sure that your

 hair is perfectly clean and hydrated your hair will be shiny your scalp will feel amazing and

refresh and if you blow-dry your hair as often as I do it also repairs the damages that you may

have caused to your hair because of the heating tool something you can do right now to make

 your hair better is apply oil to your hair and your scalp if you've been following me for a

while here in the channel then it's no secret I love my hair oils it's true like it's soft into your hair right it makes it shiny it makes it healthier overall which is what everyone wants you

guys know that I love my argan oil right

and I always recommend it to you if you haven't tried it yet I don't know you're missing out but you know what else is amazing that

I recommend for dandruff is actually almond oil now what makes it so different is that it has

magnesium in it which helps with the health of the scalp applying just a few drops of this will

 prevent scalp drying and these oils are inexpensive you know they last you a long time

because you only need very very little so I highly recommend you give them a try alright you

 can do everything that we talked about and do it perfectly but if you don't drink enough water

 man then you're still gonna experience Sandra not only that dandruff dry skin you're not

gonna be as healthy because you already know that drinking water is important to your overall health it makes your skin better and it definitely makes your hair better so you should

definitely increase the amount of water that you're drinking make sure that you keep water by

 your bed right that's what I do you guys have seen it before my nighttime routine that way

 when you wake up in the morning you can just drink some water because you're gonna be

thirsty your mouth is gonna be dry and

trust me your body including your scalp needs it right away also guys I always say this but if

the problem continues if it persists then you should definitely see a specialist because it could

be something completely out of your control so that's why I think seeing a specialist is so

important they can prescribe a product that is designed specifically for you and work against

you're dangerous now sometimes all we need is that little bit of help right heavy healthy scalp

 is all about taking care of your body and being consistent don't expect to drink one bottle of

water and be like hi I'm never gonna have danger if again that is not how it works guys it's inconsistent game and you have to keep

going guys if you made it this far I just want to say thank you so much.
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