How to Get Rid of Cellulite: 7 Effective Exercises Everyone Can Do

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

How to Get Rid of Cellulite is the title content I'll share today, there are also about how get rid cellulite on thighs and bum , home remedies overnight stomach

and today I'm gonna go how to get rid of cellulite naturally and fast at home using things like essential

oils herbal remedies diet and cleanses and listen these things again are all unnatural and I've

worked with thousands of patients helping them heal and really restore their body and get rid

of cellulite all naturally so know if you can follow these tips you can see results in literally just
 a few days so let's dive right in let's first talk about

 what cellulite is and how to get rid of it number one you know cellulites really the appearance

of sort of that dimpled and lumpy skin sort of can start to look almost like a peel of a citrus

 fruit like an orange or grapefruit now what it actually is is these are fatty deposits under the

skin that are actually pushing against your tissue now this is really common on the legs the

butt sometimes can even happen on the arms and stomach there is what as well so this is really what cellulite is now let's talk about the main causes now here's the thing if you truly

want to fix an area night I know there's all kinds of cellulite creams and things out there that

really they don't have a long-term effect what I'm gonna

teach you in this video will actually help clear up Candida I'm sorry I'm not just Candida

actually these things are good forgetting but mostly get rid of cellulite permanently so let's

talk about this number one causes poor diet number two fluid retention and these are big so

fluid retention if your body's holding on to fluid a lot that really increases the appearance of
cellulite um dehydration poor circulation

that's big if your body's not having good fluid exchange bringing nutrients to an area flushing

out toxins weakened collagen structure this is big wecan collagen structure now collagen is sort

 of like the glue that holds your bones together and

over time as you age your your body produces less collagen so as you start to get wrinkles on your skin that's because your body's producing less collagen as you age well the good news is

there's ways to actually firm and tighten up those areas reducing overall cellulite being

overweight of course can contribute to cellulite or little challenges sedentary lifestyle the

other thing I would add here is certain deficiencies

of fatty acids you know your bodies are actually made up of healthy fat and when you don't

have proper fats in your diet it actually can weaken your cell structure so again especially the

 right fatty acids and the right type of collagen structure that is key to overcoming cellulite so

 let's talk about how to reduce cellulite number one

 I want to teach you the best foods to use to get rid of cellulite fast so the best foods number

 one food that can help you get rid of cellulite is bone broth that's right bone broth now what I

 personally do and I've recommended a thousands of

patients is doing a scoop of a bone broth powder they cut that nuts up so great source of

protein as well every morning for breakfast so again bone broth that way or bone broth as

part of a soup real bone broth homemade stuff so again that's number one now the reason why bone broth is so great is it's very high in type two collagen how long it has some type one in

 three so you want to get that collagen in your diet because again it's what really firms and

tightens your skin it's what it's really sort of like the glue and the structure that hold your

body together if that's not there things can sag they can get weak again bone broth is number

one number two food that's just really great for supporting your overall collagen structure and

 your getting rid of cellulite is going to be foods that

are rich in potassium and magnesium now some of

the foods that are richest in potassium magnesium include spinach and chard are very high

avocados are extremely high there as well but again any time of green leafy vegetable avocado

 pumpkin seeds tend to be very high in zinc and magnesium there as well but again really it's doing a lot of vegetables some a small amount of fruit and lots of wild organic meat that's

really the key to really some of the best foods

there as well again foods that are really rich in potassium and you might Google search online

 or search my name dr. axe potassium foods dr. axe magnesium foods I don't have food list

there as well I saw videos more on there on YouTube but again so remember this number one

food broth number two group of foods is foods rich in magnesium and potassium the next

thing you want is you want foods that are really high in fats that reduce inflammation

especially wild-caught salmon sardines mackerel but

fatty fish very good for reducing inflammation if you can't get fish in your diet then make

sure to take a fish oil supplement or in a mega 3 supplement every single day and also omega-3 foods such as flax seeds chia seeds and hemp seeds can also be very beneficial to the body

getting some of those healthy fatty acids every day so remember these foods I just talked

about you need to be getting loads of vegetables you need to be doing lots of bone broth some

organic meat can be good vegetables and fruits you know

what doesn't help which actually I'll talk about that in a minute but

it's lots of sugar and grain products so again fruits vegetables wild meat bone broth some seeds

like flax Chia and hemp seeds will help there as well that's really what you want to focus on in terms of your diet there and of course lots of herbs which we'll talk about in the supplement

section here now let's talk about the foods to avoid sugar is the worst okay so sugar will

absolutely cause you to hold on to more cellulite so will conventional grain products if you're

doing wheat bread white bread pasta anything like that even even court you know cereal that

are made of corn products that's absolutely going to

contribute to cellulite build up foods that are high in sodium okay lots of salt will actually

contribute potato chips any processed food anything that I didn't mention earlier if it's not a

fruit a vegetable bone broth a wild cat meat or a seed for the most part everything else will

contribute to cellulite buildup in your body so

again stay away from hydrogenated oils canola oil soybean oil white flour wheat flour sugar

any processor package food is going to contribute there as well all right you got to consume
more College and this is key you got to do a protein powder that comes from bone broth and

 collagen protein and when you're buying collagen protein I would look look for one as molt

source is one that has beef collagen chicken collagen fish collagen as well even sources like

eggshell membrane are incredible when it comes to

 a collagen product again remember your body

produces less collagen over time which can cause that appearance of cellulite you know anti cellulite supplements can bring you some support you know there's certain really most of

those supplements contain herbal extracts that really help your body dump excess fluid

retention so parsley Moringa you know gotu kola things like that these are certain herbs that

really help your body flush and get rid of excess cellulite cellulite in your body or another tip

here is you can juice vegetables like juicing some parsley cilantro with some celery juice man

doing those together will really help you get that fluid exchange going it's probably even more

 powerful than most cellulite supplements there as well and there's some essential oils that are good here as well grapefruit essential oil ginger

oil mixing a grapefruit with either a ginger or black pepper oil would be really good as well for

getting rid of cellulite and part of the reason is we know that gin specifically grapefruit

actually activates breaking down certain types of fat black pepper and ginger or warming oils

which cause thermogenesis that's the burning up of fat in the body that's why those are more

beneficial than others getting moving now this may be just seems like common sense but

really any type of exercise especially burst training is going to be the best type of exercise to

help you get rid of cellulite so

better so with burst training you're going to exercise like a sprinter rather than a marathon

runner and you can get on a spin bike and go really hard for 30 seconds or a minute then

really slow you can go up to a track and you could you know sprint a straight away jog a curve or just in general you can do it on a treadmill you can get here's the key all type of exercises

are good burst training is best followed by things like weight training and then Barre classes

you know but Barre is very very good things like Barre amped are things I really like dry

brushing can work again sort of temporary fix but overall canape decrease the appearance and

 they get it again using essential oils like grapefruit black pepper ginger and also even an

essential oil like Cypress which really increases circulation an area can really help with you

getting rid of cellulite now let me give you my DIY recipe for my anti cellulite cream what

you're gonna do is you're gonna get a glass container and you're gonna mix on what you're

gonna do add one cup of coconut oil thirty

drops of grapefruit oil and that's really all you need but if you really want to add a few other

oils in you can either add ginger or black pepper one of the two and then even something like

a Cypress oil because of its ability to increase circulation that's your own DIY cellulite cream and you're gonna basically rub that or massage it into the area of cellulite for a minimum of

two minutes but ideally for five minutes just put a little timer there on your phone and do that

one time daily so here's some things to

remember as we talked about remember the best foods to get rid of cellulite are going to

include vegetables fruits wild organic meats bone broth in seeds like pumpkin hemp Chia and

flax in addition to that you know consume foods that are rich in magnesium and potassium

avoid sugar of processed grains white flour products wheat products hydrogenated oils get rid of all packaged foods load your diet up with college and lots of bone broth lots of collagen

protein on a regular basis use anti cellulite supplements especially getting herbs like parsley in

 your diet on a regular basis a sage is good there as well these things really actually help with

fluid exchange get moving exercise dry brush use essential oil all of these things can help you

 naturally decrease cellulite listen if you change your diet exercise a few days a week and load

up on collagen you're gonna notice a big difference in that cellulite very quickly

and hey also if you want to learn more maybe you're struggling with a health issue right now
maybe it's an issue like Candida maybe it's a thyroid issue.

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