How to Get Rid of Bunions Fast – Best Natural Remedies for the Bony Bump

How to Get Rid of Bunions Fast

Let's be honest there's no upside to having fun yawns your feet hurt shoes don't fit can't walk and you might be embarrassed to embarrass like I'm not telling you anything you don't know

already right the purpose of this article is to tell you some things that you don't know about bunions and more importantly show you that it is possible to resolve them naturally I'm deal

 Walker a clinical foot and ankle specialist and I'm here to teach you that it is possible to get

rid of pain and shrink bunion size with items that you already have in your home how is it

possible you might ask the human body is composed primarily of connective tissue and it is

the connective tissue not the skeleton that's responsible for our body's shape or posture so

here's the first thing you may not know if you removed the entire skeleton from a body the

shape of that body would not change so how is this related to bunions it's the connective tissue that is holding the bunion in its current position and connective tissue can easily be released

with a targeted release technique therefore the alignment of a bunion can be changed so once

 the connective tissue has been released is that it no since bunions develop over time even if

you release the connective tissue and the bunion now can move it's a big toe joint no longer

knows what its alignment should be you need to teach it where to go and you do this through

 something called repositioning so how does one reposition their bunion you say well most

people with bunions use some kind of big toe brace or toes spacers but I find taping most

effective so here's the second thing that you might not know a bunion is not just a big toe

misalignment it's not just a foot misalignment it's a whole leg problem and there were multiple

 areas that needs to be released and repositioned not just the big toe but here's the good news

you can easily address each of these areas with a targeted release followed by a piece of

specialized tape to now teach the structure where it should be to look and function properly

the specialized tape costs only about $10 a roll vs. $30 for a bunion brace with bunion braces

or toast Acer's you're only addressing the big toe and this is one of the reasons why they are

 ineffective in changing a bunions appearance the other is that people who are using them are

not releasing the connective tissue causing the bunions of form and keeping it in its current

 position so if you reposition without releasing the bunion the bunion will go right back to its

original position as I had mentioned before a bunion is not caused by a misalignment of the big toe this now leads me to the third thing that you may not know the primary reason that a

bunion forms is caused by a misalignment of the first metatarsal this is a bone in the foot that

 the big toe attaches chip in this x-ray you can see that it is the first metatarsal that deviates

outward and the big toe is just compensating for that deviation if we move the first metatarsal

back where it should be then there is no bunion so in order to resolve a bunion you need to

address the first metatarsal but not only the first metatarsal all of the structural forces that act

on it in the entire foot and lower leg this again illustrates why just bracing or even massaging a big toe may resolve its pain but it will be ineffective in changing a bunions appearance so

we've released in repositioned is that it no again a bunion also has an inflammatory

component they can be arthritic or there's a fluid-filled sac that when in flames causes bursitis

in the big toe joint and this is why bunions are often painful so here's the fourth thing that

 you may not know for every cubic centimeter of inflammation a muscle shuts down by 1%

therefore the muscles around the big toe will be weak and unable to function properly so the

final two steps in resolving a bunion naturally will be reducing the inflammation of the bunion

 and re-education of the foot by training those weakened muscles in a specific manner is that

all yes that's all well sort of what I've just outlined for you is the way that I resolve bunions

and other musculoskeletal problems naturally I call it the for our system - pain relief and

permanent change and it utilizes the following concepts release repositioning reduction of

inflammation and re-education which leads me to the fifth thing that you may not know you

have to address all of the components of the four R's in the specific order that I've just

outlined this is why current natural bunion treatments are ineffective and it may also be the

reason that there can be lasting side effects and a five percent failure rate with bunion surgery

to resolve bunions naturally you'll need to do all of the following in this particular order

number one release there are twelve specific locations of connective tissue that need to be

released spanning from the big toe all the way to the lower thigh and you can do this with a

marble or other ball reposition depending on a person's foot there are five to seven locations

in the foot that need to be repositioned as I had mentioned I achieve this through taping

number three reduction of inflammation you will need to choose a topical anti-inflammatory

agent or a modality which is designed to reduce inflammation number four re-education there

are four specific exercises we require no equipment and mimic the foots functional

requirements not only do you need to do them but you need to do them with the foot in an

optimal alignment this may be the sixth thing that you did not know I hope that you learned something new today. Next Toenail Fungus Treatment You Can Do At Home

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