How Avocado and Eggs Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny

How Avocado and Eggs Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny

In there i'm chelsea Silverman executive vice president health director and raw vegan chef here at juice' teria and i'm gonna teach you how to make a hair treatment with avocados, eggs and some superfoods

so we're gonna use avocado goji berries olive oil and a little bit of coconut oil first we'll start

with our avocado and we'll slice it just as we sliced all of the others nice and easy get that pit

out nice and safely and spoon it into our blender silky-smooth avocados that's how you know

they're really healthy for you okay next we'll go for our goji berries

 yeah maybe a little bit weird that we're putting goji berries into a hair mask but goji berries are

filled with antioxidants vitamin C and why not everything in our head is porous so let's throw

them in a little bit of antioxidants never hurt no one and then we'll take our olive oil we'll just sprinkle it in probably a tablespoon too and

we'll do a little bit of coconut oil for a nice smell texture and of course all the healthy benefits

now if you want because I am raw and vegan and advocate advocate that lifestyle you can add

egg and mayonnaise into here instead of the olive oil goji berries and

coconut oil to get the nice same texture and you get other beneficial nutrients as well but I like to stick with these clean green ingredients

now we'll blend it up and have a nice hair mask and let's blender up again another inexpensive

 easy way to have beautiful looking hair so here you have it a healthy avocado superfood hair

mask again I would love to show you how to use this but just put it in your hands and make it

flow through your hair get it all through and you'll have beautiful well conditioned nutritious

hair that's all soy free vegan wheat free nutrient rich so enjoy.
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