Easy and Simple DIY Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about home remedy sunburn dark skin , how to treat fast remedies that work long heal

and I share about how I healed my sunburn and also a few other tips on how to help soothe a sunburn

I have so much more to say I have so many more tips now and I kind of just wanted to redo

this video that way I could give you guys some more tips with some with it being summer

I know a lot of people are getting sunburned I actually got some we're in the other day luckily

 it wasn't too bad it was mostly like on the back of my neck and all and I have pictures on my
 Instagram and so it was kind of add but luckily it didn't hurt too much but last summer or not

summer last winter I guess I would say winter spring my husband and I went on a cruise and I

got one of the worst some burns of my life and so I'm going to tell you guys about how I

 healed that sunburn like overnight it was like within 24 hours the sunburn was gone and so I'm

going to tell you all about that and then I also have like ten other pretty natural remedies on

how to heal your sunburn very quickly so the first thing you can do to heal a sunburn is taking
oatmeal baths I think we think about oatmeal baths a lot as like something you do when you

have like chickenpox or something like that but we forget that it would actually be very

 beneficial to take an oatmeal bath when you have a sunburn as well because really it just helps

 soothe the skin and so that's my first tip the second tip is to actually put yoghurt on yourself

 that is also another like home remedy like very natural remedy that you can do and it will

also help soothe the skin and obviously it is cold so it's going to feel good as soon as you put it on anyway tip number three is to use witch hazel a lot of men use this for like you know like

after shave instead of using aftershave because aftershave obviously burns but if you use witch

hazel it's a lot easier on the skin and it's going to take that sting and that burn away number

four is to take a cup of baking soda and actually just put that in your bathwater and soak in

that tip number five is to take teabags any teabags will do like if you have green tea or white

tea or black tea whatever kind of tea you have honestly it will work just boil the teabags let
them cool and then put them on your skin and that is going to take some of the sting away as

 well my next tip is to drink more water we don't really think about it this way but your skin is

 actually like really dehydrated so the more water you drink the better your skin is going to

feel this tip kind of goes along with the last tip and that is just to put like like cold water

 compress on your skin your skin is obviously dehydrated like I said and so when you put that

 cold water compress on your skin your skin is just going to absorb some more water and it will help so the next two tips I'm going to address at the same time and that is to use apple cider

vinegar and coconut oil this is the one that I talked about in my video my last video I did on

how I healed my sunburn and basically what I did was after I got my sunburn I had to drive 12

 hours home from Miami we are like 12 hours from Miami and the only relief I had a relief it

wasn't relief at all but the only relief I had was a low and a low has never worked for me like it

 works about the minute you put it on and it feels cool and then after that you just burn again
like it just stings all I just does not work for me so I didn't really have any relief at all we

drove 12 hours home from Miami as soon as we got off of our cruise ship and I got home we

 got home at like 3 a.m. or something it was like really early in the morning but I did not care

 on the way home we picked up some apple cider vinegar and some coconut oil and when I got

 home I washed all of my aloe off and then poured just like completely poured apple cider

vinegar all over my body and a lot of people think that that will sting but actually my body it

stung so much already when I poured the apple cider vinegar on myself it actually felt cool

like it was it felt cold and I felt very relieved so it did not sting for me at all I don't know like how bad your sunburn is so it might sting for you I guess depending on how bad your sunburn is

 mine was terribly bad so really when I just poured it on myself I didn't feel any sting at all it

actually felt like very cold and soothing so I just poured that all over myself let it stay on for

a little while and then I rinsed it off and then I did it again just to make sure and so I just

 poured it all over myself again and then rinsed it off while I was in the shower I had taken my

 coconut oil and just held it in the hot water in there just to kind of make it into an oil instead
 of a wax if you've ever dealt with coconut oil you know that it's more like a wax until you

heat it up and then it will turn into an oil so I just put that in the shower with me and so I

heated up with the water that was in there and then when I got out I just rubbed the coconut

oil all over my body like completely lathered it down like so much I was like super slick when

 I got into the bed I did not even care I just put on a very loose t-shirt one of my husband's

two shirts and I went to bed I will not say that it was like instant relief it did take I would say

24 hours like exactly 24 hours for me to feel like the sting had completely gone away but for

me that's pretty good like I feel like every time I get a sunburn and at least last a few days like the sting does I was still super red like his red as a lobster I was red but the sting was gone so I

didn't feel like I was sunburned and I'd never did peel and I contribute that to the coconut oil

keeping my skin very moisturized and everything so I never did peel so my very last tip is

 kind of like more like how to prevent getting a sunburn instead of how to heal your sunburn

but that is a no-brainer where's your sunscreen I know I would think a lot of sunburns happen because we want tans we want to be tan we want to look good I know that's how most of mine

 happen I'm like I don't need to put sunscreen on I need to get a tan and I want to look good

and then I end up burning and I was so stupid from just not putting my sunscreen on I was

 actually a lifeguard for three years and some of the most beautiful tans I ever got was because

 I put sunscreen on I would just put my sunscreen on and a lot of times we think you can't get

a tan if you're wearing sunscreen that is the total opposite don't feel like I always get a tan

even when I'm wearing sunscreen and when I don't wear sunscreen I burn so I get a beautiful

 tan every time I put sunscreen on I just might have to be out in the Sun a little bit longer than normal but it's better than burning.

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