3 Cheap and Effective Home Remedies for Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

Home remedies for Acne is article I will share this today. Are you sick of looking in the mirror and seeing acne and blemishes and it's like very depressing and

down hardening have you tried going to the doctor or buying a lot of the over-the-counter medications and you know

applying those that you can get in the store and it just seems like nothing's working and it's

 just like so discouraging well I have an idea that you can try and I think you're gonna have

great success what you have to do number one is you have to start drinking water a lot of people will say well I do drink water it has to be measured out certain amount of water two

quarts a day every single solitary day that is the key you can't skip and drink a lot and don't

drink a lot every single solitary day you have to drink two quarts of water the easiest way to

do that is to just have your water cup jug bottle whatever you have to get a 1 quart I love

using my mason jar right here it's a quirk and

I just know every day I'm gonna drink 2 of these it doesn't matter what time of day so let's

just say I'm gonna go spend the day out with friends I'll just drink one in the morning and then

 when I'm out whatever I drink I drink you know I don't drink soda but whatever I drank if I

get a lemonade or a drink you know whatever then in the evening when I come home I will drink the second one that's just an example so just make sure you drink two quarts of water

every single solitary day the second thing you're going to do is you are not going to use any

medications or anything on your face you're just gonna try to be natural easy on it and see if

this works make some homemade coconut oil so I have the recipe and it's in the link in the

 description below so you can click on that and check it out and it'll show you how to make it

my two boys used my homemade soap as they were growing up through the tea years and they never had acne it was very effective for my family if you're not into that you can't you just

don't have the skills or you don't want to you can try african black soap and the link to

purchase that is also in the description so either way you have to choose one of those soaps

what you're going to do is you are gonna wash your face with the bar of soap and water and a

white washcloth in your sink every day so just get it wet you know obviously lather up though

this very good and lather II so it's just really lathering gently gently gently wash your face

with it don't be like scrub like I have acne and I hate it and I'm gonna scrub it off no no no no no you're gonna be very kind to your skin and you're gonna be like babying it and taking care

of it so it heals itself so you're just gonna gently just go on little circular motions nice and

easy you know you don't have to stand here for 20 minutes scrubbing your face and then just

with your hands you can just put the water up there rinse it all off get your towel and just like

 this just Pat it dry nice you know what I mean and just leave it like that so what you're gonna

do is you're gonna just do if you have a super super oily skin you can do it twice a day morning
and evening but if you if you don't you know if your skin's maybe on

the dry side or whatever you can just do it once a day so you can determine which what you need another thing I want to mention is your diet the doctors will tell you your diet doesn't

affect it baloney yes it does your diet affects everything about you everything about you it's

 either nourishing you or poisoning you or you're not getting quite enough or you're getting

too much something's going on there as well that's very easy to fix if you try just to add more

meat to your diet I think eating a little more meats in fact just gives you the nutrients your

body needs and then it's just gonna nourish you and when you're nervous in your body has

enough nutrients then that immune system can kick into high gear and it's gonna straighten everything out because there's a little something off there so you're having a problem no big

deal it happens now when I say eat me I don't mean hotdogs or lunch me baloney you know

that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about

one ingredient whole foods not processed and that includes your meat you're gonna be very

you're just going to be giving your body more nutrients if you try to eat that way stay away from the processed foods if you look at a package and there's a paragraph of ingredients that's

not what you want like know just make sure that you add meat to every meal and that you're

eating one ingredient foods when you look at your plate so I'm gonna tell you what that looks

 like that's gonna be like a pork chop just for an example

a pork chop a potato it could be a sweet potato baked potato or rice like those are just 1

ingredients it is what it is and then you just cook that and eat it and then you know whatever

vegetable you prefer you can have that there as well and for you girls I'm sorry to say this but stop wearing makeup makeup is just clogging your pores

you want your face to sweat and breathe and just be the way it is maybe maybe you can just do

 a little eye brow pencil and a little lipstick that's it like don't be rubbing product on your face

because that is not helping the matter go ahead and eat the healthy diet drink the water and try to shoot for natural beauty and I'm sure you're gonna feel and look better.

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