How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Naturally With 8 Easy Ways

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Naturally

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Naturally is the title content I'll share today, there are also about how get rid bags under eyes home remedies , eye permanently causes instantly

and today's article is all about how to use those nasty dark circles under the eyes these whiskey's also work for puffiness as well as bags and beady eyes

and they're all natural and very easy to do at home it's been highly requested so I thought I better make it for you guys

so if you wanna see how to reduce those bad dark circles under the eyes keep here so yeah let's get straight

 okay so I just basically shows you guys how to make your own eye masks at home there

should look something like this now on the recipe that I've shared with you guys is enough for
six I masks and this basically if you do it every night it should be around enough for a week

 now after I make this armor I like to

 leave them in the freezer and I like them frozen and when I need to use it I just pop summer and I pop it right onto my under eye area they're super super cooling on the skin and they

actually are super refreshing as well so once you've made your eye masks all you're going to do

 is pop in the freezer for about 10 minutes just so they can sit a little bit I've left these

overnight and you just start with your clean skin and all you have to do is pop them

 underneath your eyes so I'll show you guys how to do it you can lay down while you do this if

I have a fall off my face [Music] yes boy I hope I mean when I do this I like to lay down so

they're not falling off my face but I like to just pop them underneath the eyes and I like to

leave them there for about 10 minutes

now these are super cooling because they're already really cold but they are also really refreshing so constrictors pause because it's a cold compress on to the eyes you could come by

and see me trees are really great at lightning as well as the lemon juice as you go marina I love

lemon juice so much so this has designer juice and be red water so once your pointy armor I

recommend doing this at night just leave them on for about 16 minutes lay down just relax

and um then and then we're going to be next hot so this is how on their own okay guys so I

just took off my eye masks and let them on for

 about 15 minutes my really awake are because of c-cold conference as well and I'm going to

 give to show on to the next part so we made this little tiny eye balls before so as you could

see it was armed like I melted the olive oil olive oil the coconut oil down just to mix all the

ingredients but then I popped it back into the fridge and now it's set so I like to actually store this in the fridge honestly and never goes off you can use this until the whole thing finishes

because in just coconut oil and the almond or under vitamin C it is amazing to you every

 single night I've been massaging my eye area everything on that and will disrespect for this farm and since I discovered it

so all you're going to do is rub your fingers in so you just grab a tiny bit after you do your

other eye mask and all you're going to do is start with

sizing underneath the eye area in this version so I'm just going to apply a little bit and just

massage it I really live so what we're going to do is just massage under the eyes in an empty or

a clockwise direction try not to pull your eyes if you poor is going to create more dark circles

 going to give you those fine lines and premature wrinkles so don't do that do it in the other

 direction and I also like to focus on right here when I'm massaging now you should try to

massage for about 10 minutes if you can every night and

 just in that direction and it should really really help with your dark circles and you know we're
going to start with our life then we're going to move on to our auto and the size of the oil do

not wash your face after blenders it's perfect to leave and not overnight the vitamin E is

 really helpful for your dark circles it will help repair your dark circles at night as well ok guys

so that is the video for how I reduce my dark circles at home

 it's so easy to do it's super effective if you want to you can juice the cucumber and the mint

together to get sea cucumber juice I don't have a juicer at home that's why I am graded it and

then blended it up to get that really nice juice out you can definitely use a blender to blend it

all up and get the juice and then I showed you guys how to make this super effective bomb at home as well now I like to do this every single night um you know I'm studying at the

moment and so I'm basically in front of a computer all day I don't get too much sleep as well

so this eye treatment really helps to cool my eyes the all the ingredients are natural and they

 have lightening properties they're also very cool on the skin and the eye balm contains

ingredients which are really great for hydrating

 under the eyes as well so I hope you guys give it a go please let me know how you find these
 treatments I recommend to do them everything online for the first week and then you can

reduce it to two or three times a week they're definitely safe to use every single night they're

not going to damage your you know under-eye area especially if you're quite gentle with the

entire area they should not damage your under eye area at all and they should start to work in

about three days I still change within two days

of doing this because I've got very bad dark circles so yeah it keeps me updated on your results
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