Try This Effective Face Mask to Shed 10 Years From Your Face

Try This Effective Face Mask to Shed

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and today I want to show you guys how you can make a tumeric face mask and I recently posted a picture on Instagram of Steve and

me wearing this yellow mask and a lot of you guys who are wondering what it was and how you guys could make it as well and some of you guys thought it was like a Simpsons transformation

but it was actually my tumeric face mask that I use to help make my skin look more radiant

and it brightens up my skin it prevents acne and it also fights acne scars age spots sun spots it

also reduces like facial hair which is pretty amazing and I also know some people that use it

for their dark circles in their eyes because it brightens up that and just tumeric the spice is just

really amazing itself because it also helps with health benefits

if you eat it or you drink it with your tea like back in my country in Nepal we basically use

tumeric and everything all of our curries so I've been very familiar with the spice since I was

younger I started using this made face mask when I was younger as why so watch a lot of Bollywood movies and a lot of the actresses before they got married they would just get this

whole spa treatment but like tumeric all over their body and like milk flowing down

 so I've always you know done that's after watching those so I think this after you guys try

this tumeric powder it's really going to change your life because if you guys look online there's just raving reviews of a lot of people

that is that tumeric has helped with a lot of their skin like conditions too and all kind of acne

and everything so let me show you guys a simple way how you can make a tumeric face mask

 which might who knows when I change your life so let's get right to the tutorial so first you're

going to need tumeric of course because that's the key ingredient and you guys can buy this in

your grocery stores I usually buy mine from the Indian store just make sure

it's pure tumeric and it doesn't have any lot of mixtures in that next one I'm going to use the

 rice flour and you guys can buy this in your grocery store as well in my country we actually

use this chickpea flour right here called basan and it might be kind of hard for you guys to find that so instead of that you guys can always use the rice our next thing is the yogurt so if you

guys have oily skin you're going to have to put in yogurt or

 if you don't have yogurt in your house more likely you'll probably help milk instead of yogurt

so you can use milk too for all you girls that have dry skin you're going to need an oil instead

so you can use olive oil coconut oil or almond oil whatever you have

in your house you can use that instead of the yogurt and last but not least we're going to take

the honey just because honey is wonderful to our skin so I'm going to take honey and finally a

 spoon and a bowl to mix it in I'm going to start off by putting two full spoons of tumeric into

the bowl and after the tumeric I'm going to take a spoonful of rice flour and this just works as

 a scrub and also helps bind the mixture and then

I'm going to take two spoons of yogurt and after the yogurt you can squeeze half a spoon of honey and once you've squeezed the honey just mix all everything and just make a nice fine

paste so this is the tumeric paste that I just made and I'm going to use this little brush that I

actually brought for a painting but I didn't use it so I'm just going to take this brush dip it on

the tumeric and just start applying it to my face apply it like like so so I'm just gonna apply a

thin amount because you don't want to apply too much just cuz it might be a little hard to

wash off boom I just ate that ha ha ha I'm also going to apply this right underneath the eyes

usually you want to apply the other mask underneath your eyes but this is natural and it helps with the dark circles I'm just gonna do my forehead

also you don't have to be limited to the face you can go down your neck or your body if you wish to so I'll just wash my face and my skin just feels

so smooth and it feels renewed I feel like when you guys start using the masks it might take

about a month for you to really see the changes if you guys have a lot of acne scars and spots

you might have to do it about three times a week if you already have good skin you can just

 do it about once a week also you know if you have some trouble getting the yellow stain out

 of your face which I saw a lot in Google people asking how can I get my stain because it's not

 coming off if you have that trouble you can always use a makeup toner and a makeup

remover I put the toner in the makeup remover and then just wipe it off and it works like

magic it just takes it all off for me so if you guys have that trouble you can always do that also tomber it can get really messy especially it can stain your hands so you might want to use a

 glove while you prepare the mask also when you're washing it off in

the sink or the shower if you see a stain quickly

 go with your makeup remover and clean it off so yeah but it's worth the mess it's really worth

the mess and it really makes a difference on your face so I hope you guys try this mask out and let me know how it helped you guys

because I would love to know and until next time you guys take care and bye

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