Eczema on Scalp is Very Much Possible and Irritating

Eczema on Scalp

Hello my name is dr. Steven Mandy and I am a dermatologist associated with South Beach dermatology in Miami Beach Florida let's talk about remedies for a dry scalp

dry scalp is probably one of the biggest misnomers in in dermatology because people come in

complaining of dry scalp and they think they need some sort of an oil to moisturize the scalp

most of the time flaking and dryness of the scalp is due to dandruff dandruff is caused by a an

organism a yeast called pitter Ostrom it lives in the scalp and it thrives in people who have

actually an oily scalp not a dry scalp the reason for the flaking is that this organism causes

inflammation of the skin and that inflammation causes feeling just like a sunburn results in

peeling so it doesn't require oil or oil based treatments to deal with the flaking and peeling of

the scalp what it really requires is something that kills the yeast the most effective things that

 are available over-the-counter are selenium sulfide shampoos like salt some blue and head-and-shoulders fortunately for the average consumer these products now come in a variety of

shampoo types for bleached hair blonde hair dry scalp oily scalp etc so you can take your pick

 and they're cosmetically elegant enough that most people are happy with them they must be

 used at least two to three times a week or more and they're safe to use every day without

harming the hair so for patients who have itchy quot dry scalp you really have a mild East

infection which will respond most effectively to using a daily or every other day anti dandruff

shampoo if that alone is not sufficient to improve the scalp one can add to the shampoos a

tar base shampoo such as tea gel on an alternate day basis because the tar shampoos are very effective at reducing itching and they also kill the yeast.
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