6 Simple & Proven Ways How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Treatments

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Treatments

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Treatments is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about how use coconut oil hair growth , mask on dry treatment overnight

and today I thought I would show you guys how to apply or use coconut oil to your hair to keep your hair shiny and healthy to repair it if it's bleached or

 if you dye it a lot to be honest is for any hair type so let's get started this is the coconut oil

that I use it is organic 100% raw cold-pressed and extra virgin those are the three things you

want to look out for when you are buying coconut oil so when you open it it should look like

this and it's honestly so simple all you want to do is take your hand scoop it out rub it

together a little bit and then it proceeded to putting it all over your hair and do a hair wash as

 well so I'm killing two birds with one stone today you might want to wear just an old baggy t-shirt or something like that I have an abundance of black t-shirts so I'm good but I wouldn't

recommend doing it in like your Sunday best for example and you literally just want to keep

on going and I like to cover the entirety of my hair

so I typically will use quite a lot and don't worry you guys because you can't really do this

wrong there really are no rules now usually what I'll do just because it's a lot easier for me is I

will sit my hair over and I'll actually apply

my coconut oil that way I don't feel the need to separate my hair or anything like that to like

put it into sections and then apply it you'll probably find the it's falling all over the floor

that's fine you can just clean that up afterwards mine does you step you don't want to slip on

any anything if you can help it so you just want to take it and scoop and that's it and then just

smear it all throughout your hair I like to make sure I get my ends because that's obviously

where I tend to have the most trouble [Music] and you'll be able to tell when the entirety of

your hair is coated it should have a sort of wet feel to it what I like to do is just put it up in a

 simple simple bun I have a really ugly scrunchie that I'm not gonna show you guys so what

you can do now is you can either leave it in your hair for 20 minutes to however many hours

are appropriate for you so I will just sleep in it just like this I won't bother putting anything

like a towel or a dressing-gown over my pillows you absolutely can if you want to I can just

wash these the following morning or remover so perhaps do it on a day we don't have school

the next morning or work or

something like that so you can sleep in it if you want to it's entirely up to you guys how long

you decide to leave coconut oil in your hair for what a little class coconut oil to me is a natural leaving conditioner no I will always remind you guys that they don't use any heat on

my hair at all so I can typically you notice the benefits of coconut oil pretty much the next

day if your hair is incredibly damaged to tell about I would say perhaps use it three times a

week be your own judge if your hair is beginning to get overly oily or too greasy cut down a little cut it out altogether it really is so specific to the individual so just keep an eye out see

how your hair reacts to it and if it does nothing I'm sorry I apologize for recommending it to

 you I can only speak for my own experience and it for me personally it does very much work

 so I will check back in with you guys once I'm ready to wash it out so everyone so slightly

later on in the day now and just for convenience purposes I am gonna wash the coconut oil

out on the same day so to wash the coconut oil out of my hair I will be using just the Herbal

Essences ignite my color shampoo and the Herbal Essences ignite my color conditioner so I'll

show you guys how I will shout out now the first guys you're just gonna want to rinse your hair

out normally rinse it through and then you can apply your usual shampoo and conditioner so

the next morning my hair feels softer I would like to think that it's lightly shinier I'm sure you guys will let me know.

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