Baking Soda for Hair Growth – The How and Why Answered

Baking Soda for Hair Growth

Hi, today's article I'm gonna be testing out another hair growth technique and this is the part of the series where I test out hair growth techniques and that you guys not there I work trying

so in today's article we're gonna be talking about baking soda shampoo and I use baking soda

for everything I use baking soda to brush my teeth I use baking soda to clean the house baking

 soda has so many great properties that it can be used for I came across the article of course I

will link it down below and the name of the article what they can soda shampoo it will make

your hair grow faster than ever so I read the article and I was super super impressed I was

floored I was like yes I gotta try it and I also want to try it because my mom has really really

bad eczema and for the longest I'm talking like for probably like five plus years the only thing

 she's been using is baking soda to shampoo our hair now I always wonder like why she only

used that like she never used like any other like shampoos or conditioners she all she does is

use baking soda and I'm just like oh I didn't keep you the baking soda like that's not gonna

clean your hair it's just like you know I don't like any of those chemicals in my hair that's just

time so why can't across this article like okay I have to try this so so basically all you're going

 to do is mix the baking soda and the ward together any current and it turns into like this

creamy little substance and I already knew that that does that because I brush my teeth with

baking soda and that is another way to get like a really really white teeth I've been doing that

since I was a kid so um it turns into like this watery consistency and you can wash your hair

with it so I'm going to show you guys how I make the mixture and how I did the DIY and I'm

going to come back to you guys to this so are you gonna need is baking soda water and an

applicator because that helps it go on a lot easier you're going to need nine tablespoons of

water and three tablespoons of baking soda you're just gonna mix this together you you can

apply it so wet or dry from roots to the ends leave it on for about three minutes just massage

it into your scalp you then you're gonna rinse your hair with episode of vinegar and this all I

had just a small amount because we go throughout cider vinegar like crazy in my house so all I

 did was mix this with some water and I rinsed my scalp with the episode of vinegar they say

that you should see results after the first treatments and I did see results I loved it but they say

you should do it a few times a week to see to see rapid growth in your hair will be extremely

shiny and healthy so this technique was super super easy to do and I really enjoy doing it the

apple cider vinegar it's just something that I keep in my house like I always use outside of

vinegar started this technique when my hair was like curly so I get technique like oh we could

go or a week and a half ago or something like that and I freaking love absolutely loved it the only thing I didn't like of course is that cider vinegar because it was smell but the smell does

 not linger at all like you can just like wash your hair was like a conditioner and shampoo

afterwards and the smell will go away so um the baking soda to me can be like a pre pool or

 you can just use by yourself like my mom does like that's the only thing that she that's the

only thing that she uses period so you can use it as a pre pool or you can use it by itself and

use it frequently agency and improvement in your hair and elasticity my hair was like super

super shiny and moisturized and it's just like super silky and I straight my hair like a day later

I'm still after I get the treatment and my hair was like super easy to straighten like literally it

took me like 20 minutes to straighten my hair when it used to take like footbaths an hour so I

 was so impressed with this treatment you know mothers are always the rights so I should

definitely listen to my mom more well yeah let me know what you guys think about this DIY treatment. Next Razor Bumps on Vag – How to Prevent Irritation when Shaving

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