Apple Cider Vinegar For Poison Ivy – Easy and Simple Way to Treat Ivy Rash

Apple Cider Vinegar For Poison Ivy

Apple Cider Vinegar For Poison Ivy is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about how to cure poison ivy overnight , fast apple cider vinegar brown paper bag can i get rid overnight?

Hi this is dr. Doug Wilin with another health fix or poison ivy tip today we're going to look at apple cider vinegar

and it's not the type of white vinegar that you pour in the carpet when your dog urinates on

the carpet that's white vinegar this is brown vinegar which has a lot of medicinal qualities in

this case we're going to take some of the apple cider vinegar and the my favorite way to do it

 is to take a bit of a brown paper bag and create strips or a little piece of segments of the

brown paper bag and soak it in the apple cider vinegar because the brown paper bag actually

has DMSO and at dimethyl sulfide or at least most of the brown paper bags do and by soaking

the apple cider vinegar in it you'll get some of the drawing effect of the DMSO that comes in

 the paper bag and then you take that and you lay it on top of the poison ivy area and it will

not only help throw out the toxins it will remove the itch and it'll heal much faster so that's

apple cider vinegar another idea is baking soda bath you'll take a cup of baking soda put it in a

 bathtub get in and soak your body or at least the area of your body that has poison ivy that

will do the same it removes the itch and it helps promote healing at a faster rate the other

thing you can do with baking soda and you can also mix with the apple cider vinegar so you're

 getting a little creative here is you take the baking soda you wet it enough with the apple

cider vinegar to create a paste and then you put it on to the poison ivy area and wait till it

dries and it would be a little sticky and gooey and pasty that's what we want and that's the type

of consistency you're trying to get like a pancake batter consistency so that you can rub it on

to the area and then the third area is a third thing you could do is called aloe vera aloe vera

plant has great healing qualities for the skin I like natural aloe vera so it comes in different

lotions and oils and liquids but the very best is if can take a real aloe vera plant and you break

off a leaf and you squish out the gel and that gel especially in its most freshest state will draw

out the pain the itching and promote healing and you'd leave that gel on there and rub it in

now if it's already scabbed up you've got to rub it in a little bit more and that goes with any of

these type of treatments that you have to work it in a little bit so that it penetrates give it a try.
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That's the info about Apple Cider Vinegar For Poison Ivy, miracle poison ivy cure, coconut oil for ivy, dawn soap, bleach on ivy. may be useful

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