Top Antifungal Essential Oils To Treat Fungal Infections and How to Use

Antifungal Essential Oils

Essential Oils To Treat Fungal Infections is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about essential oils for yeast infection itch, fungus on skin, how to use candida, antifungal scalp

Hello my name is Lisa I am a certified aroma therapist and I have been asked to do a little article on how to get rid of fungus using essential oils and natural products

so that's what I'm going to do today and the first thing you want to do I know fungus you

gross you know nobody wants to talk about it but it happens and the first thing you want to

consider when deciding what treatment to go is what sort of fungus are you talking about a
toenail fungus are you talking about like a yeast infection you know exactly what you're

talking about is important that'll affect how you apply the oils so I'm gonna give you a whole

list of oils at the at the end oh don't worry if you're talking about say like a toenail fungus or

athlete's foot something along those lines a soap would be a very effective treatment a couple

 of times a day 10 15 minutes 15 20 minutes something in that range 15 minutes ish a couple

of times a day is soaking you could also make a spray and spray your foot or get the area a
couple of times a day soaking would be better because it's you know longer it's gonna last

longer that way it'll be on the skin longer that way but you know feel free to do whatever you

know soaker spray whatever you have time for a lot of people don't have time to sit for 15

 minutes twice a day I know I'm constantly moving around and that would be difficult for me

so maybe a spray would be better if you're talking about a fungus like a skin infection perhaps
 blending the oils into a cream or even using like a witch hazel or even just a you know a spray

with water distilled water would be effective if you and you could do like a fractionated

coconut oil type rollerball for smaller concentrated areas if you're talking about something

like a yeast infection clearly you don't want to have to soak that so um depending where the
yeast infection is anyway you would probably use one do you say a spray or a light cream

again a rollerball would be pretty effective make sure that if you're using a rollerball for

something like a fungus infection somewhere that that is all you use it for and don't use that

rollerball again for anything else I shouldn't have to say that but you know you're not thinking

always when you got something going on so there are a couple of recipes um that I wanted to

 share with you um I want to address first is when I became an aromatherapist I kind of made a database and I put you know different qualities that antifungal relaxing skin healing that kind

of thing I made whole database and I put every oil that I could come up with it would be

effective so I've got a whole list to read to you but I want to say that for eight if it's a yeast

infection myrrh is very effective it's not on my list because it's not something you typically

think of as antifungal but it's very soothing so I would recommend that for a yeast a toenail

soak a great one would be Melaleuca basil garlic or lavender again a couple of times a day and then let me just give you the list because the thing with oils are they can be expensive and if

you have a particular way out at home there's no reason to go out and buy five different oils

 that I'm listing try the one you have at home first if that doesn't work a try a couple more so

 I'm gonna look at my dad base break out the glasses so I can actually read it so sweet basil

bergamot German chamomile close bud eucalyptus globulus fennel geranium grapefruit juniper

berry juniper berries a really good one lavender lemon lemon grass marjoram sweet marjoram

Melissa again expensive but if nothing else works it's worth a try neroli great one nutmeg a
sweet orange palmarosa patchouli peppermint Raven sorrow which is really good for a lot of

things rosemary rosewood hmm maybe everything the Rosewood uh sandalwood spike

lavender again something that's really good for a lot of issues spike nard and Melaleuca so

Melaleuca is just one of the classics that you want to go to probably first because it's one of

the least expensive and it's it's really very effective for fungal and yeast type infections so

that's the one you would want to start with just if you have it at home just because it's the

least expensive but if it doesn't work you know plenty more there's also um time with little

lull or time Kimo type thymol so there's two different time oils and vetiver better versus
another a good one or fungal infections.

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That's the info about Essential Oils To Treat Fungal Infections, essential oils for yeast infection doterra, tampon, antifungal nails, doterra. may be useful

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