C Diff Diet - How to Control Bacteria and Prevent Further Problems

C Diff Diet

Hello I'm going to show you with you some of the major c-diff symptoms how someone gets this whole health problem as well as a couple cool ideas someone can use to treat it now down

below the YouTube description there's a link I'm giving away a free video guide on shopping

for supplements that can help a lot of health problems like this one now you can probably tell

c-diff is short for something and that something is called Clostridium difficile it's a tough one

to pronounce sounds like some type of magical spill right a nutshell it's a bachelor infection in
 the digestive system that causes a bunch of problems now unfortunately every year more

people actually get sick from this bacteria and actually kills more people every year it's been

getting worse now this bacteria craze will spores there select survival machines almost like

roaches roaches are so hard to kill I think when everybody the whole plant dies roaches will

still go live look those big party you don't like yeah he'll be outlasted everybody now the

spores of the back chair the Vics their very survival Bowl and they can travel in the air on surfaces that came inhaled ingested and lock people actually have the bacteria in their system

right now the reason they don't get sick is because the good bacteria keeps it in check and here

 comes antibiotics which are supposed to be good right and then you help a lot of situations

 but they kill out the good bacteria that's the bad thing next the c-diff bacteria can grow

unchecked because there's nobody finding them and they can do as much harm as an unruly
mom now well the most common symptoms of c-diff is watery diarrhea a few times a day

interesting enough just looking down your stools in general can tell you a lot about your

health you're not sure your stools ideally should make a tiny little splash into toilet like an

Olympic driver stools are white yellow gray a bloody it's not good floaters ones that make a

big splash are good why everyone the course is painful it's not good - hey I bet you never

thought you mean learn about stool today right now another very common symptom of c-diff is abdominal pain similar signals could be a fever loss of appetite blood or puss in the stool

never good nausea someone is losing a whole bunch of weight a very sad thing about the

disease is that a lot of people brush these symptoms off as being you know small time things

 like yourself on its own now this isn't good because the bacteria could let them check do a bunch of damage put holes in intestines doing bad and also lead to kidney failure I understand

that course doctors can be expensive what's all about well should we go see a doctor should I

just let my whole body heal itself great question right my whole thought process on is that

your inner voice is usually very very smart very wise unless you're around very beautiful

women tomorrow guys natural if you're a female or whatever then my avoid a little tax will

tax up but anyways so basically if you think for a second that you should see a doctor don't
wait go see one it's not worth the risk best way to really avoid this whole problem would be to

 wash your hands a lot antibiotics should only be used really if you actually have two another

idea which you try to tune your food alive which I'm going to silly idea but the reality is if the

lot people eat very fast I'm example this too when you chew your food at least releases the

digestible enzymes that help a lot next thing to do something called prebiotics maestra have

you ever heard about it before knows not yogurt that's different at the seven yogurt is actually probiotics and some completely different the main difference is prebiotics is natural while

probiotics are man-made and is found yogurt now companies and sell yogurt wants to believe

 that probiotics are the greatest thing since sliced bread always wonderful things for you it's

true they do add some good bacteria it is healthy figure about your digestive system but the

reality is they can get killed off very quickly and they don't do a whole lot to help they don't

prebiotics what they do is they actually get down there and they enable your good bacteria to

breathe a lot they encourage Tex look at the examples out and this is actually way way better
than probiotics ten times better very good for you I use when I could pretty rocks we about

taking a dietary supplement all right course you're gonna give by eating like a thousand Kiwis

a day okay maybe stuff the supplement system thousand Kiwis but it's a lot so this prebiotics

another way you nature you can get through in surf the skin of certain fruits like a week I

believe habit now before you go out and buy a bunch of supplements like prebiotics you want

more warn you of something a lot of crappy products out there reason for this is because in
many countries the laws are balls loose is MC Hammer's pants and the MC Hammer is this

pop called sure guide the 90s rapper has huge pants making it look easy for you I've actually

designed and launched this video guide all about the prostitutes shopping for dietary

supplements like I mentioned earlier talks about how to identify a good product from a

horrible copy Burt product and a whole lot more like herbal running herbal remedies to

consider what to avoid what to take for medical conditions even stuff like skincare and fitness to stuff it's awesome .

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