How To Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Back Pain

How To Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Back Pain

Hello Gary Crowley here with do yourself joint pain relief calm and in this segment I just want to show you how to do a little tennis ball tune-up I've turned it to get at any of this stuff

especially in your hip area that maybe the stretches and some of the things that you did in

steps one two and three for your your main approach to joint pain relief if some of those

things just need a little extra attention sometimes you can you can get at it with a tennis ball

so I'm mainly going to focus on your hip area and again if this is intended as a supplement to

the main page of whatever joint pain relief you're looking for so mainly what I want to focus

on is number one if you're trying to release your IT band as I mentioned in the video there but

 some people seem to forget is at the top of your IT band is this muscle called your tensor

fasciae latae little muscle but it's important an important muscle in terms of maintaining the

positioning of your of your hip bones so right here you want to just make sure that's not

tender and tight because tender means tight and if you find a nice tender spot and then you do

a nice press hold move on it the press hold move technique then it will release and then things

can sit back where they want to be and this is my favorite way to to get at this this tensor

fasciae latae i prefer to be kind of on the edge of a table I prefer to or or a carpeted floor and

I like to have a little cushion here to have a little gear for the ball but a tennis ball seems to

work pretty well for me some of you bigger folks might need more kind of baseball II kind of

kind of things and some of you I don't know sometimes will cross ball works well depending on

 your body type and the thing you're laying on so that's the first part of the tennis ball tune-up and now I just want to point out for those hip stretches I have a lot of people do the

reclining hip stretch and the seated hip stretch the one thing they tend to not get real well is

the very upper upper glutes so these these glutes that are between your your tailbone and your

way up top here so again similar to what we just did you want to kind of find a surface where

you can comfortably lay back and put that basically between your hip bone and kind of that

upper heading toward the top of your I'm sorry your tail between your tailbone and at the top

 of your hip bone and like in me it's a pretty tight and I do those hip stretches but this just

from modern living for me anyway gets pretty tight night then I do the press old move now

I'm right up basically the top of my tail bone just to the outside of that and for a guy who does

 those hip stretches you know this is tight because they tend to get that lower part a lot better

 so there it goes just do that a little bit and then you scoot around find another tender spot

depending on how much weight you want on it and come and come on file you can come back

 on it put all your weight on it now that's a little much for me because basically you want is as

 much pressure as you can relax into that kind of maximizes the communication to your

cerebellum and the top of your brainstem and as you put just enough pressure that you can relax into it seems to let go at the fastest rate possible so basically you want to follow this all

 the way down the edge of your tailbone even out to here those stretches tend to get out here

 pretty well so they're not tend to be too tight within very at the way bottom here basically

when you're basically where your sits bone is that bone that you would hit if you were on a

nice hard chair that bone you would sit on so between your sits bone and your tail bone there's

 some deep muscles and in the section on testicle pain relief this is what I have people released

 because tension down here actually sometimes grabs those nerves but it's also just good for the

average person to make sure these are free especially if you have back or hip issues because

when that bottom each elbow gets torqued it throws everything everything off so so this is

actually a very good spot to just keep free just for a general back hip nerve pathway well-

being so I just want to show you that just I want to get a feel free basically to take a tennis ball

or whatever other go up ball works for you and just investigate this whole area fun in any tend response that the stretches that I recommend didn't get or any of the press hold move or

press pull release techniques that I'm offering up to you if they just kind of didn't get

everything than the magic of a tennis ball it is there for you and feel free again tender tissue

means type tissue type tissue means it's inappropriately yanking or pulling on on a joint and

so ideally you want strong flexible tissue not strong tight tissue so that is what we're doing

here so that is a tennis ball tune up on your on your hips and I hope that helps I look forward to hearing how it goes thanks. Next How to Get Rid of Headaches: 6 Natural Ways to Make the Pain Disappear

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