How to Cure Sciatica Pain Without a Single Pain-Killer?

How to Cure Sciatica Pain Without a Single Pain-Killer?

Hello and welcome to Caroline fitness this article is going to show you how to get rid of your sciatic nerve pain and what we're going to be doing is using a stretch which stretches the

piriformis muscle and I'm going to show you three different ways of stretching that muscle out

now I'm having a lot of people come up to me and tell me I've got really bad sciatic pain down my leg have you got any exercises that will help me get rid of that

so I bought make a article and so I'm sure there's so many people out there who do have

sciatic nerve pain and hopefully this will help you ease that so these are the three exercises

that are going to help you with citing their trouble okay exercise one I'm going to do is lay

flat before with our legs Bend you can have a pillow under your head as well if you prefer and

the side that you're getting the pain on so for instance this side right hand side here what we're going to do is lift that leg up and cross that leg over the other leg okay now from here to

actually stretch where our sciatic nerve runs the piriformis muscle we need to bring this knee to the opposite elbow shoulder so what we're going to do is grab it and we're going to pull it up

 and across to this shoulder and we're going to hold this for 30 seconds and we're going to do

that three times I'll just show you from the other angle so if it was our left side that we've got

pain on we're going to left foot over we'd grab our leg and we're a money to give my voice

over this time another version of this exercise which is a little easier to do is Sagan got the

pain outside right leg up and across and instead of this time bringing the knee over to the

shoulder we're going to grab this leg and we're just going to bring it forward like that so again

I'll share it from the other side left leg over and grab this leg and we're going to stretch it out

like that okay exercise to is exactly the same position so what we're going to do this time is

lying flat on the floor legs Bend so for instance our right hand side was hurt and where the

static nerve pain runs through so we're going to lift that leg up again but instead of bringing

the knee this time to our shoulder we're actually going to push it away from us so we're going
to do that push away a lot of people do prefer this over bring them in forward so again I'll

swap legs and show you from this angle and these are going to be held for 30 seconds and we'll

do them three times each okay exercise free is a little more advanced and it will get you a

much deeper stretch but it does require a little bit of flexibility so what we're going to do is

we're going to first of all get onto all fours I'm going to go down to my elbows from here say

for instance the pain was on our right hand side we're going to put the right leg forward and

make sure our foot goes through here so I'm going to forward a little bit so you can see from

here we're seeing a man bring elbows down and we're going to push the opposite leg forward

down that way so we're gonna push that forward and use our body weight to sit on our leg and

feel a nice deep stretch now in the piriformis muscle so I'll show you again using the other leg

so this time the left leg is going to go through and we're going to push our right leg all the way

 through onto our elbows and pushing hips to the floor and again these are going to be held for

30 seconds and we're doing three times okay so they are three different exercises that are

going to help you relieve your sciatic nerve pain hopefully you can try this Tresor the

minimum of once a day and within a week you should have a great change of pain hopefully

totally gone altogether but yeah hopefully this helps you. Next Schizoid Personality Disorder - Is it Different than Schizophrenia?

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