6 Acupressure Points for Immediate Headache Relief

Acupressure Points for Immediate Headache Relief

Hi I'm Hilary Talbott acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist coming to you today from st. Petersburg Florida today we will be discussing acupressure points for headache now there are

 several points that you can use and most of you know the command point on the hands for

the head li4 located between the first and second metacarpal at the high point of the muscle

now if you press with moderate pressure with a finger and the thumb on the other side you can

 usually elicit a kind of a deep ache and if you clue into your head notice if this starts to make

the headache lessen now there are several different reasons why you could be having

headaches oftentimes if you visit your local acupuncturist will ask you where does the

headache occur in order to better understand which points will be more effective for the

headache is it in the fronton and the forehead is it located on the temples at the top or vertex

of the head or at the base of the skull and the occiput which we call tension headaches this will

better allow us to pick different points in particular for your specific headache two points that are pretty pretty widely used are stomach eight stomach eight is found there bilateral of

course on just on this side of the hairline right where it creases from across and down and if

you kind of search around with your finger you'll often find a little divot letting you know

that you're in the right place and gently massaging these with a circular motion with the pad

of your finger is often effective enough and these are great for frontal headaches that come

 across the forehead as well as those that affect the temple you know a lot of us intuitively

will actually rub our temples when we when we have a headache if that's where it's located and

 occasionally if it's really throbbing or bursting even that light pressure can be too much so

this can be a slightly distal point that would help relieve those types of temple headaches and

 you just want to do this repeatedly it's important with acupressure that you repeat often you

 don't have the needle acting as a conductor so you have to kind of do it for a couple of

minutes and then come back to it and hopefully over time the pain will will lessen each time

so like I said before it's really important to understand the origin of your headaches especially

if you're experiencing chronic headaches more than once a week so most days of the week if

 you're getting a headache this could be a sign of a serious medical condition and you'd want to

visit your MD or your local acupuncture physician to better understand why this is happening

in order to find a little qualified practitioner please visit a queue finder com I'm Hilary Talbott and that was acupressure for headaches. Next 8 Remedies For Sciatica Pain Relief You Need to Try Before Putting Another Painkiller in Your Mouth

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