Yellow Diarrhea Causes – Why is My Stool Yellow

Yellow Diarrhea Causes

Hi my name is Carol Engel I'm the director of outreach for Fruities incorporated we've been the leader in natural healthy bowel regularity since 1990

the topic for this article is how to cleanse your colon naturally this article  is not a substitute for

professional medical advice and I'd ask you to seek the advice of a health care professional
before changing a prescribed bowel regimen the goal of colon cleansing naturally is to

promote your bowel health and your regularity however colon cleansing using chemically in

herbally based products that rush the bowel are not medically necessary and can cause harm in

this video I'm going to explain to you how the daily intake of the proper combination of

dietary fiber helps to promote your body's own natural cleansing processes there are many

 benefits to using fiber to cleanse your colon you can learn more by visiting our company
website so let's get to talking about the four steps to cleanse your colon naturally the first step

is to increase your dietary fiber intake you're going to want to eat fiber at each meal every day

 and you're going to want to consume a variety of fiber with an emphasis on fruits and

vegetables and ideally dried fruit you'll also want to watch your fluid intake as your colon uses

the fluids and the fiber in your diet to produce well-formed stools the second step to colon

cleansing naturally is to get moving movement stimulates bowel activity a simple 5-minute

walk some yoga or some stretching can get the colon moving and helps to tone and strengthen these colon muscles the third step to colon cleansing naturally is to respond to

nature's call by responding every time you feel the urge to move your bowel you help to

maintain the responsiveness of this important reflex and you also help to ensure that the

 stools that you pass will be soft and flexible however if you withhold stools this can cause

them to dry out and become hard this leads to constipation stool withholding is a significant

contributor to problems with irregularity I'd like to give you a bowel tip and that is that your

bowel frequency is unique to to you like your fingerprint what may be right for you is going to
 be different for another person the important thing is to pay attention to your body's own

natural reflexes and responses this will help you to uncover or discover your own natural

pattern of regularity the fourth step to colon cleansing naturally is to relax your

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 gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to your emotional responses if you've ever felt choked up

 over an emotion or felt butterflies in your stomach or experience nausea before doing a

 presentation you'll know that this is true for some individuals their response to stress can lead them to quiet their abdomen even to tighten down for some individuals this can lead to

problems with irregularity I should also like to mention with respect with respect to relaxing

take time during your toileting practice to relax however don't remain on the toilet longer

than 10 or 12 minutes as this can lead to other problems such as hemorrhoids I hope that

 you've learned something from this article  today if you'd like to learn more please visit our company website.

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