Ways to Get Better Breath by Detoxifying Your Mouth

Ways to Get Better Breath by Detoxifying Your Mouth

Hi guys, today's article I am gonna be showing you also clean the thumb I'm out to control my breath I also remove bad breath of course nobody want to have bad breath like you know that

there are some situation you go close to someone are you be like you know what that means

the specialist breath is just not it so do not be that's kind of person okay does not right

ingredients that I'm gonna be show you today is just going to help in removing bad breath and

also cleaning your thumb very very well

the first England's parsley now parsley leaf is perfect in removing materials from the mouth it

 helps to come mouth order and remove and it also helps to give the mouths of fresh breath

all right so we're going to be blending the parsley leaf because we need the juice of the sleeve

so I need just a little of this and I'll go blend this and I'll be right back some don't blend in the

past we leave and I'm gonna receiving out just a little juice in through the scope and this is

gonna be okay for one use the next ingredients apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar helps in

 killing germs here also why to note that it's removing bad breath here also help to protect

your tooth any meal and prevents plaque then I'll be needing a one tablespoon of apple cider

vinegar into this and we're gonna mix together and this is gonna serve as preventing mouth

 order and removing any bad breath next england's bicarbonate of soda which is baking soda

baking soda contains a whitening agents that helps what's not the tips when used once in a

week remove mouth order kills germs responsible in plaque and switch decay so clean the

 tongue we're going to be needing baking soda and we're gonna be taking 1 tablespoon of

baking soda we're going to be needing a pinch of salt so I was helping killing bacterials and it's

gonna be perfect in removing plaque dental decay and Mount order a pinch of salt will do just

that amount will be okay then we're going to be needing toothpastes pockets will be preferably

and we're going to be adding up the paste now let's mix it all together and this is gonna self as

 the tongue cleanser and this to do the job this you can see how the juices became very killed

try to mix it spend [Music] all right so yes my MA and it's gonna be looking somewhat quick

like this of course I'm not respected for the daily life business any okay in the morning time

and okay so to remove those things on the t's on the tongue then we're going to be using this

 one here all right so I'm going to be using my brush to do that and you're gonna first of all

brush your teeth with this this will also help in whitening up your teeth are removing any

plateau or cavity all right let me show you my phone before [Music] [Music] they never use

this to watch the tampere by work on the inside like this [Music] and make sure you don't

over brush to come okay brush it lightly and after that I'm gonna be brushing my teeth and

 I'm gonna be right back all right all right so yeah it's my fault my teeth why we need to

always make sure that your phone is clean so as to prevent bad breath because if you brush

your teeth and your teeth is looking very white and shiny and your thumb is dirty you are

 always going to have bad breath okay so okay that's just a very quality simple way to getting

 rid of bad breath and cleaning the tongue one thing that causes bad breath so much is when

your tongue is deadly so now I also clean it today and know how to control bad breath by

coconut and you try it out. Next 8 Warning Signs Your Bad Breath is Sending to You

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