8 Warning Signs Your Bad Breath is Sending to You

Warning Signs Your Bad Breath

Hi I'm dr. Joe Namath I'm a paradox in Southfield Michigan one of the things that we do here

is treat bad breath we have something called the Richter Center I think we were the first

subsidiary of the Richter Center in the United States and we do a lot of bad breath treatment

 we have two parts to the bad breath treatment first part is diagnosing it do you really have

bad breath or do you not well how do we really tell we do what's called organoleptic testing

now that's a pretty fancy word isn't it that only means we actually will take a sample of what's

causing the bad breath and sniff it and that will let us know very accurately whether you have

 bad breath or not so we take a piece of gauze typically we fold it up we take it on saw forceps

 and typically most bad breath is caused by certain types of bacteria that collect on the back

of the tongue so we will sample the back of the tongue very very carefully and typically when

there's bad breath this will come up yellow because those bacteria cause a yellow stain on the

gauze and that will actually take a whiff of it take a sniff of it and see what we think we rate it
from zero to five zero means we don't notice anything five means it's very very severe usually

 if it's a five we can tell just by walking into the room and there are two of us that sample it so

 we both have to come close to agreeing so first we check to see if there is bad breath if there

is the next step will be the actual treatment of the bad breath and that is done usually at a second appointment so let's talk about that. Next How to Whiten Teeth The Right Way: 6 Proven Homemade Recipes

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