Upper Left Abdominal Pain: Is it Pancreatitis?

Upper Left Abdominal Pain

Today's article on the causes of upper middle abdominal pain is brought to you by health hype calm abdominal pain is a common symptom and can be difficult to diagnose especially if there

 are no other symptoms that accompany it one approach is to look at the area where the pain

is occurring and consider the most likely causes specific to that region the abdomen can be

divided into four quadrants the right upper quadrant the left upper quadrant the right lower

quadrant in the left lower quadrant another approach is to divide the abdomen into nine

regions starting from the top right these nine regions are the right hypochondria epigastrium

left hypochondria m-- right lumber umbilical left lumber right inguinal hypogastric and left

inguinal region upper middle abdominal pain is technically epigastric pain however it may not always be as clearly defined therefore the pain may extend slightly beyond the borders of the

epigastric region it is important that we consider the organs in this region this is the most

 logical way to identify a possible cause of the pain especially if there are no other symptoms

 the following organs lie in part within the upper middle abdominal region the liver the

stomach the gallbladder the pancreas the duodenum and the esophagus epigastric pain is most

likely due to some disease or disorder of these organs nausea vomiting and bloating are some

of the other common symptoms to accompany upper middle abdominal pain these symptoms usually indicate a digestive problem however the proximity of vital organs like the heart also

 needs to be considered if upper middle abdominal pain is accompanied by shortness of breath

chest arm or jaw pain and/or dizziness then this could be a heart problem do not delay seek

immediate medical attention pain often correlates with eating it may occur during or after

eating we usually refer to this as indigestion pass it off as an upset stomach when food is eaten

 it passes down the esophagus and then into the stomach eventually it passes into the

duodenum of the small intestine many similar conditions can affect these organs irritation

inflammation and open sores known as ulcers are common in this region of the digestive tract

 other organs that lie in part within this region is the gallbladder its bile ducts and the pancreas

 conditions like gall stones and pancreatitis usually present with pain in the upper middle

abdominal region it is also important to consider that the transverse colon also lies closeby

 therefore colon conditions can sometimes also play a part in pain in this area the largest

organ in the upper abdomen is the liver most of the liver sits in the upper right corner of the

abdomen but it extends across the middle to the left therefore liver conditions like hepatitis

could also be responsible for upper middle abdominal pain remember that upper middle

abdominal pain with or without chest pain can also be caused by heart conditions watch out. Next What Does Pelvic Pain Feel Like? Gynecologic and Non-Gynecologic Causes

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