Types of Headaches - Determine What is Causing Your Migraine

Types of Headaches

I am dr. Brett Larson we're talking about headaches specifically the different areas on the head or that are the different spots and more specifically what do they mean so if you get paint on

this side of the hat or you get pain back here you get paint on top of the head what the heck

does that mean because those are clues as to different areas of the body different organs that

may not be working how they should so number one paint on the top of the head this one has

to do with your reproductive system okay and doctors have known this for decades and

decades and decades this goes back to the old Diagnostics before we had MRIs and x-ray and all those kinds of stuff doctors made at least they they saw Clues they saw different things and

there was patterns okay we learn this so paint on the top of the head think uterus or prostate

now obviously if you're a woman it's going to be uterus if you're a male is gonna be a prostate

and I hope you know how many men have prostate issues especially as they get older they're waking up the meal the night constant to go to the bathroom not normal that's the prostate

 swelling I think it's like one out of two males who live long enough will get prostate cancer

 again that's normal but it's common but it's not normal that shouldn't be happening okay so

 the prostates are really getting hit they're getting hit by chemicals infections just different

things that are degrading how healthy and how strong that prostate is same with the uterus so

 the uterus and women fibroids okay hysterectomies that occur as as this whole process goes

along again common but not normal these organs should serve you throughout life sir do you

 differently throughout life but they should serve you shouldn't be gain them taken out or need to get them taken out so uterus early stages it can be just pay on the top of the head that's

that's a signal that your uterus is not working how it's supposed to it's giving you clues saying

I'm struggling here I'm getting filled up with poison my it's I'm making fibroids down here to

kind of wall things off something's happening number two pain worse than the morning so

you get up and you say Kasia I got a pounding headache it goes away towards the end of the

day now another form of this headache is called a hangover obviously you wake up worse it

 gets better but if it's not that it's pain worse in the morning think liver so your liver is

struggling and your thyroid is struggling so as that metabolism drops down during the night and

 you don't have things moving as much you're going to have more pain in the morning but as you get moving as your metabolism cranks up the thyroid kicks in has to work a little bit

harder and the adrenals and everything starts to work more the pain starts to go away so pain

worse in the morning think liver thyroid dysfunction pain and pressure behind the eyes

pituitary gland swelling the master gland in your endocrine system it sits right between the

eyes right back here in a little saddle it's a Turkish saddle called a sella turcica a little bony area

 right through here and right behind the eyes it sits there okay it's encased by bone if that

starts to swell viruses can get in there cause irritation your cranial system can get distorted

from a head trauma banging your head on a on a cabinet car accident football you know

concussion type injury being in a dental chair for a long time having your mouth open and

jamming the skull bones can distort how that pituitary gland is being squeezed and compressed again like I said viral infections but pain and pressure behind the eyes think pituitary gland

 actually my son was having this as well and one form of this is make manganese deficiency so

 not magnesium but manganese your pituitary gland loves manganese it's very very important

to have manganese so he was starting to get some pain right behind his eyes and I realized he

was growing and he wasn't getting getting enough manganese got a manganese and went away

 painting on one side of the head think gallbladder so it's always on the left side it's always on

the right side or a gallbladder type issue there obviously you're going to start to have pain

down here over time or stones building up but your gallbladder is struggling you could register a

 signal for that up in the head being pain on the one side now if it switches from side to side it

could be gall bladder pancreas or some type of food allergy or something okay so gallbladder

and pancreas tend to lead towards food allergies because now you can't digest your food how

it's supposed to but if the pain switches maybe it's day to date maybe it's in the morning that's

in the left and that evening it's on the right that could be part of it but pain switching from

side to side pain at the back of the head think toxic headache so another one I didn't put in

here was paint the back of the head could also be a cervical genic headache so your cervical czar your neck so if you're having it's even going to do this here if you're having pain right

 back on this line here okay it could be that you're always down texting like this and you're

just pulling on the neck okay so that's a more mechanical issue but if the pain is not coming

from that it's going to be pain at the back of the head and that would be a toxic headache so

you're exposed to toxins your Labor's not working how it's supposed to paint the back of the

head pain covering the entire head so you just have paint all over the place severe toxicity

this is where your I mean stuff is not going right you're backing off you've got arsenic you got

 mercury lead you get all kinds of other parasites going on your body's being poisoned you're

constipated so you're not eliminating anything you're getting some severe toxicity Bobble

issue is pain covering the entire head okay number eight constant headache so we don't really

 ever go away could be roast of the year it could become a low-grade constant one again think toxicity and poisoning it's something that's that keeps occurring over time so liver can be

involved with this the bowel is so small and large intestine maybe you're constipated all the

time not eliminating things gallbladder as well constant headaches are toxicity poisoning. Next Dehydration Headache - Drink Your Way Out of Pain

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