Tongue Color and Your Health, What is the Connection?

Tongue Color and Your Health

Hey guys dr. Burke here in this article  we're going to talk about white tongue okay this is really an overgrowth of Candida the conditions called candidiasis and basically Candida

 normally is a friendly thing in your body you have 20 different strains of Candida but this

yeast like structure this microbe can turn into a fungus if you basically take antibiotics or

 steroids or birth control pills or insulin so normally in the body you have four hundred at

least four hundred different types of species of friendly bacteria from the yeast friendly mold

 friendly fungus and then when you kill off the good microbes some of these bad guys can start

over taking over and so what most people do they think that they should avoid fermented

foods because there's lactic acid or those confirm inton there might be some yeast and they

 think that if I consume the Friendly's it's going to turn into bad yeast but really to correct the

 situation you need to killed up your friendly flora your friendly microbes your friendly yeast

 and so that would be in some of these fermented vegetables like you have like sauerkraut

kimchi kefir is a fermented product from milk apple cider vinegar these are all very very

essential to eventually get rid of this stuff now what happens when you have an imbalance of

called flora in your digestive tract if you add too much of this it can create a little bit of a

reaction and that's when people think that that's a bad thing so they avoid all of it but what

you want to do is you want to start very very small and work up to it if you have no you don't

have a lot of good friendly bacteria and you dealt a lot of probiotics into your system or

 friendly east you can stir up an immune reaction so I always like to go slow so you want to

add these fermented foods slowly and of course you're going to have to avoid like just milk in

 general any milk products unless it's kefir okay and even then some people have a problem

 with the milk type issues but normally you should be fine the other thing you want to avoid is

of course sugar because that's going to feed this thing more than anything now I like to instead

of taking just a regular probiotic there's a thing called effective microbes and this effective

 microbes is a combination of a lot of friendly yeasts and things that you can take to start not

 only building up your friendly bacteria but building up most of the other microbes in your

system I'll put a link down below of where you can get it I am NOT associated with this

 company so I'm not going to tell you what brand to get but I'll just put some information to

research effective microbes because I believe that they work a lot better and these effective

 microbes he it's almost like you don't even refrigerate them they last forever you take just a

small amount and some water before bed and then they start growing in your system and to

build back up your good yeast and bacteria so it can kill this off it takes a bit of time and you

go slow ok so I'll put a link down there but I just wanted to mention like things like scraping

the tongue trying to sterilize your body does not work it's an inside problem you have to fix

 the overall balance of microbes and then eventually clear this out okay thanks for watching. Next Home Remedies for Tonsil Stones – How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

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