Swollen Gums – What To Do About Gum Swelling?

swollen gums

Hi I'm dr. Joe Namath I'm a periodontist in Southfield Michigan I'd love to talk a little bit today about the relationship between orthodontics and gum situations

 so we often see gum swelling with orthodontic treatment well why do we do that because

when you have braces on the teeth like this the teeth are more difficult but clean bacteria tend

to accumulate on the teeth more difficult to remove because of the appliances and those

bacteria cause irritation inflammation of the gum tissue cause the gum tissue to swell that

swelling then causes more food particles and bacteria to be trapped and it becomes kind of a

vicious cycle and actually it's very unhealthy because those same bacteria that cause swelling

 actually can cause bone loss and gum disease also the appliances themselves can be in contact

with a gum tissue and irritate it further also the swollen thickened gum tissue makes it much

more difficult to move the teeth orthodontic way so what we do in these cases is we reshape

that tissue we remove that tissue and teach the patient how to clean very thoroughly to

minimize the chance of that tissue coming back now it's very interesting because

 paradoxically orthodontics can cause swelling enlargement inflammation of the gum tissue

but on the other hand just the opposite can also cause recession of the gum tissue so I want to

 show you a slide of gum recession caused by orthodontics and as you can see here there's a

tremendous amount of gum recession why do we have gum recession with orthodontic

treatment sometimes well sometimes when those teeth are moved they're moved through the

bone and the gum tissue thins out dramatically when those teeth are moved out so that thick

gum tissue now becomes thinner when the teeth are sort of moved into it and sometimes out

 of the bone slightly that thin gum tissue is very very susceptible to recession brushing too

often or too hard or simply lack of proper blood supply to the thin gum tissue so in those

cases we can see recession and you can see this recession is very significant a gum graft was

done here somewhere else and it wasn't very effective at all so we treated this with a pin hole

 technique and were able to get that recession taken care of and treated it patient was delighted

the recession was taken care of we taught them how to brush carefully and resolve the

problem so when we work closely with many orthodontists but sometimes these things can

happen not the fault of the orthodontist it just can happen in some situations but there's ways

 to treat it and correct it so remember have a healthy mouth have a healthy life if I can help in any way I'm here. Next Natural Remedies for Receding Gums Your Guide to Crystal White Teeth

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