6 Signs of Irregular Heartbeat You Simply Cannot Ignore

signs of irregular heartbeat

Hi I'm Teresa Weber Sexton I'm 34 years old and I've been a patient at Mayo Clinic for the past 11 years but have been seen in the department of Cardiology for approximately four years

now my story goes back to actually my childhood days when I knew that there was something

 a little different about the way my heart was operating but couldn't quite identify what it was

and there was always just this extreme amount of extra beats or rapid nasaan I felt in my chest
and there were an occasion I could actually look down and see my heart palpitating through

my chest even at points or moments in time when I wasn't anxious and I remember of it they

 want evening looking at my younger sister and asking her as we were trying to go to bed if

she had ever experienced anything similar to hey have you ever had your heart kind of raised

 sorry ever felt extra beats and when she said no I quickly dismissed it and said yeah neither

have I and so several years went by and it wasn't until I was in my late 20s and had just

delivered my first sign and in the middle of the night two o'clock in the morning and OB nurse

 came in and was checking my vitals inside has anyone ever told you that you have extra beats

 and I dismissed it and said no I've never heard of that and so she said nothing more in order to

my physician after that so we kind of went on a few more years of bye and I was in to my

 allergist actually and my allergy medications weren't working and I needed something different and so he wanted to prescribe a particular medication but was cautious because that

particular medication had some different side effects and so he went to check my vitals and

when he was listening on that particular day I felt that he was listening for an extended period

 of time to my heart and it kind of made me nervous I felt that there was some reason as to

why he was listening and when he was done he said has anyone ever told you if you have extra

 beans and I said well actually yes you're not the second person and so before he was willing to

 prescribe that medication he said well it's kind of looking to see where they're coming from

 so I believe within a day or two I was in having an an EKG and an ECG and it was determined

 at that time that I had extra PVCs are extra meats and at that moment I think I was about

eighteen thousand extra day and so they told me my number and I wasn't you know alarmed

 by that I mean I knew that it was something extra but they also said I didn't make sure about

 prolapse it was very mild and so the protocol was that we were just going to watch it on a

 yearly basis and I would check in with my cardiologist and and so we did that but at about the

same time that that was happening I I've always been an anxious person or at least that's how

I identified myself but during that period of time I felt like my anxiety was really starting to

 increase and I didn't know if it was because it was kind of like that what comes first was the

 things I that was causing that stir palpitations or the palpitations causing me to be anxious

and so in year two I went back in and my PVCs had increased so I believe about 22,000 extra

day based on my health care monitor isn't again my anxiety was starting to go up and in year

three when I went in I was up to almost thirty thousand extra PVC is a day and my anxiety

 was probably at its all-time high and there were nights when I would be in bed and my heart

 would start racing so fast and it was just the intensity of the pounding that was abnormal to

me that I would actually lay in my left-hand side and I would hold under my arm against my

heart and take deep breaths to try to get it to calm down and at moments feeling like I was

having a heart attack or an anxiety attack and at that moment my cardiologist recommended

that I meet with a surgeon to look at doing a procedure called an ablation where as he

identified it or described it to me was that there are areas in your heart they're supposed to be

in order and that there are some that just decide to be kind of rebels and misfire when they're

not told and so the goal was to hopefully go in there and find those areas and burn those

through this ablation I actually made a point to meet with a couple of different surgeons so I

 met with one surgeon and went over the process and and got their points of view and after

that we opted to me with another surgeon just to make sure that we were all on the same page

 and that people were recommending the same procedure etc and so we met with another

 surgeon and the one thing that was really comforting about the individual that we chose was

that he had said you know I don't think that it's any of these other issues but let's go ahead and

test them all so we did urine analysis and additional blood work trying to make sure that we

weren't jumping into a surgery or procedure that was really not the cause of of my extra PVCs

or arrhythmia so that was reassuring knowing that the day we went in for surgery that we had

ruled out everything else and that the ablation was what we needed to do so I guess one of the

 reasons I mentioned that too is because I think for patients it's important to not only do

your research but make sure you feel extremely comfortable with your surgeon and and we

 found that at meal and there's lots of different physicians that communicate information in

 different ways but shopping around and making sure that you feel comfortable and confident

after meeting with a few different surgeons and really Wayne the pros and cons of it and then

 after learning that there was some research or some thought behind that people with this

these high numbers of PVCs also experienced large amounts of anxiety and because we were also trying to find different anxiety medications that would work for me and I was currently

 on some when I found out that for many patients that once the surgery is conducted then

they no longer need to be on anxiety medication that was a huge selling point for me so I

 thought it's with I mean it's worth it so if it doesn't work it doesn't work but if it does my own

life will be so much different I was also extremely fatigued and just other physical things that I

thought this can't hurt so we went ahead and in 2009 I went ahead and did the ablation and

they were able to pinpoint they felt kind of the culprit or the main area I'm not exactly sure

how many areas they burned but it was successful the halter following that showed zero PVCs

 immediately after the surgery and when I conducted my one-year appointment there were a

few additional which were really insignificant and everybody has some at some point but for

me the biggest thing has also been within three months of the procedure I started to taper off

 of all my anxiety medicines and at this point one year later I haven't had to be any so I

believe firmly that the ablation well it helped in so many levels I I have a lot more energy I'm

not anxious I no longer have to take moments to lay on my side and try to get my heart to

 slow down I'm a better mom I think I'm a better employee because I'm not having to miss

work because of it and I know that I'm just happier and they said that I would notice right

away that how horrible I guess if you will I felt prior to the surgery and not even realizing how

tired I had been or didn't feel well and I was like wow we'll see and it was sure within days after

 the recovery process I felt like a completely new person so I guess for me anybody that is

kind of thinking do I do it do I not do it for me the pros were so significant that it was a pretty easy question to answer that I would do it. See also about, Swollen Gums – What To Do About Gum Swelling?

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