7 Warning and Secret Signs of Diabetes in Women

signs of diabetes in women

The numbers are surely attention-getting nearly seven million Americans have undiagnosed

diabetes what gets less notice are the early warning signs if they're not going to the doctor if

 they're not seeing their physician they're not having those lab works they're not reporting
their signs they could just be going along their normal daily activities all too often patients

show up at a hospital in a health crisis and find out they have highly elevated blood sugar new

studies find one in ten heart attack patients may have undetected diabetes we've broken down

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five warning signs that should get your attention the three classic signs of high blood sugar we

 call them the three P's polyphagia polydipsia and polyuria those are increased thirst increased

hunger and increase urination it's easy to minimize increased thirst especially when it's hot and frequent urination seems to naturally flow but experts say it could be our body's way of

flushing extra glucose the kidney has to work really hard to get that blood sugar out that blood

glucose out when it's high wounds that don't heal could be another warning sign the body's not

 able to fight that infection because of that extra glucose in the system frequent yeast or

urinary tract infections may also be a red flag many people fail to consider the earlier diabetes

has picked up the easier it is to avoid complications learning how to adapt your eating pattern

your meal plan to suit your lifelong activities and daily habits for Lee Memorial Health System I'm Amy Roscher.

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