Warning Signs of Appendicitis to Watch For

signs of appendicitis

Hi my name is Troy Rana and I'm a pediatric surgeon with choc Children's today we're going to talk about the appendix and appendicitis I think when a parent is wondering whether

they're not their child has appendicitis is there a doubt there abdominal pain significant they

should look at their child and see what significant changes are occurring in the child's behavior

is the child as they lost their appetite in a child who normally has a good appetite it's the pain
primarily on the right side versus the left side or is it the central of the abdomen does the pain

move does the pain come and go or is it rather intense and in one area pain that comes and

goes is usually associated with spasm or garden-variety flu an upset tummy the appendix is

located in the right lower quadrant when the appendix gets initially inflamed the pain will start

 around the umbilicus or the belly button as the appendix swells the pain will migrate to the
right lower quadrant and stay in one spot the pain will tend to get more and more and more

intense as the appendix becomes more distended and swollen and when the appendix

eventually ruptures which it can after the after two or three days of persistent symptoms the

pain may subside followed by six to eight hours later of a recurrence of this intense pain due to

the para nightís and the pus or infection that's in the abdomen in little ones the ones under

the age of five the difficulty with the parent is the child has a decreased ability to

communicate with them I tell parents that if the child has issues with walking by that I mean

 they have pain with walking or a toddler who knows how to walk all of a sudden does not

want to walk and wants to be carried everywhere because their tummy pain is so severe then they should consider appendicitis and it's not just the flu. Next Hernia Symptoms: Is there Reason for Panic?

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