Should You Go Grain-Free?

Should You Go Grain-Free?

Hey guys joke at the yellow here from primal perspective dot-com I hear all the time from friends and family members but they want to go gluten-free and grain free but they don't know

 how well in this video I'm going to get you three tips on how to get rid of gluten and grains

from your diet one thing you note is when you get rid of all grains from your diet you're going
to eliminate all root as left so here's my primal person adopting a primal lifestyle sounds good

on paper to a lot of people but actually implementing this lifestyle in this diet can be kind of

tough you know it's a grain in our culture that grains and sugar make up a lot of our calories
and a lot of the food that we eat I'm going to give you three tips that you could implement in

 your everyday life so you can get away from grains in your diet adopt more Whole Foods

that have healthy fats and a lot of protein tip number one create a pro and con list of eating
 grains first let's start with the pros what are the benefits of eating greens the first thing I can

 think of is they're cheap you're they're very affordable when you go to the grocery store to

buy bagels and a loaf of bread corn and rice so you can buy this food in abundance for a cheap
 price additionally because of sheep it actually does come with a lot of calories inside of these

foods so if you are on a very strict budget and you're trying to get as much calories into your

 diet as possible that's another reason you might want to eat grains or why you might be eating
the last reason I could think of why people would eat grains is it tastes good to some people

 you know when you eat bagels and you eat pasta you corn it is you know pure carbohydrate

pure energy and it does taste good so those are the only three reasons I can see that people

 would eat grains on the con side let's think of reasons we would not want eat grain number
one you know they are pure carbohydrates which means when you eat it once your liver and

your muscles are filled with blood sugar the rest is going to be stored as fat just reason number

 one you might want to stay away from grains reason number two it actually has been shown
to promote irritable bowel syndrome eczema mood swings acid reflux leg swelling and

migraines put all those together that's a really those are symptoms that I would personally

want to overweight so when you think about it is feeling bad after those couple of minutes of

elation getting diseases or getting conditions in your body is it worth it you know there's a ton
 of other fantastic foods out there that you can eat in replacement of grains which leads me to

tip number two after you make a list of pros and cons of why you would or would not want to

 eat greens make a list of substitutions of foods that you really like that are not grains so for

 me personally there are certain foods I love I love chicken thighs I love bacon I love
avocado I love coconut I love steak these are foods I always make sure I stacked in my fridge

because if I have these foods on hand I know I can eat as much of these foods as I ever want

on a primal diet and so if I ever felt like I have a craving for greens I have some really good

alternatives so what I would say is write down a list of foods that don't contain grains and that
are not grains and by those foods at the grocery store which leads me to number three decide

whether or not you want to do this like a band-aid and just go cold turkey or if you want to do

 a slow and easy transition to a primal diet if you want to do a quick band-aid you want to rip

 it right off and you want to jump right into the primal diet I say go for it that's what I did I want to give it my all and give it

my best shot and so what I did is I went throughout my entire kitchen and I throw everything that was not a bad grains in it

so throw out your pasta throw out your bread throughout your corn throughout your rice

 throw anything that has grains and then once you have everything that's thrown out you're
going to the grocery store once you have that list go to the grocery store and buy those foods

 that you love don't worry about how much of those foods you're buying or whether or not

 you're going to over eat those foods you're going to notice that when you get grains away

from your diet you're going to feel so much better now if you want to do a slow and easy transition that's okay too you know

I want this to work for you so what I would tell you to do is first week our first couple weeks

starting tell yourself that you are not going to eat grains in one meal per day so the fur for the
 first two weeks you can eat greens and two as three meals when I'm talking about breakfast

lunch and dinner and make that commitment to one of those meals not eat greens then two

more weeks in make those two meals make two meals where you're not eating greens so now
 you have one meal you can eat a green you can have rice you can have corn you can have

you know a sandwich and you don't need to feel guilty for those other two meals you have to

 have a salad you have to have steak and potatoes you have to have bacon and eggs and then
 after that one month those four weeks that's when you're going to make that transition that's

where you're going to actually go for it you're reading yourself off of grains and you're going

towards whole foods that are packed with nutrients that are packed with protein and are

 packed with healthy fats those are my three tips to get you off of grains and eating a primal

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