What Can Cause Sharp Pain In Ear?

sharp pain in ear

Hi I'm Betty Setzer Prescott and I've been a patient of dr. Mullins for just over three years

 for several years I had had an earache nothing that was significant but annoying and then in

2010 I began with some severe neck pain and so I first went to my medical doctor and he gave
me some muscle relaxants which were not effective and then I went to a chiropractor who

uses computer technology and had 12 treatments and again I had no relief from the pain the

 pain was significant enough that I couldn't sit in an easy chair and to look down was very

difficult the pain was probably a 5 or more on a pain scale so my next stop was to see an

orthopedic doctor who majored in neck issues and after 18 physical therapy treatments of
 traction and ultrasound I still had no relief and so he suggested that even though I did not fit

 the symptoms for his diagnosis of he would not expect an earache and he would expect me to

 have some arm pain but that we would do an epidural well the third person then before that

happened suggested that perhaps I should see dr. manaan so I made the appointment came to

see him and he first of all suggested I not do the epidural and after some x-rays in the office
visit he said that he believed that it was from arthritis of 30 or 40 years he predicted perhaps

how long it would take to get some relief and to make a difference and so he began treatment

and I began to get some relief fairly quickly and within than a few months I was able to sit in

an easy-chair again and the neck pain was gone I do come back to him for maintenance and

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 for the flare-ups of the Arthritis every once in a while but some recent x-rays showed there

was even the significant improvement in the position of the head with the arthritis that had

been there for so long so his predictions came very true I have recommended him to probably
 eight or more family members and friends and they too have been very pleased with him so I

 feel blessed that I was referred to dr. manaan and for the treatment that he has done for me.

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