Scapula Pain - How to Relieve Pain in Shoulder Blades

Scapula Pain

Everyone is still welcome here and I wanted to give you a quick little tip on how to get rid of that really bad knot that you get in the back and you're like roll it on balls and

try to get rid of it and leaning up against walls and that kind of thing and nothing's working I

 had a situation years ago when I closed on my first property where I had that stress knot in

my back and it's especially prevalent over the holidays so what I'm gonna teach you is the

way to address it kind of indirectly so the point that hurts is on that shoulder blade or around

that shoulder blade but it's actually really a rib and the ribs come from the back all the way

around to the front so you want to figure out kind of what level it's on and what you can do is

 you can go right from your collarbone and kind of come down the rib cage and feel which

area or which rib seems like is out of place and for me it's number three here so I could go

 ahead and dig in with my finger it's probably better to do the opposite hands find that sore

spot you kind of go around an imaginary clock there and find the direction that's most

sensitive and what you could do is simply you just move about it so you can go ahead and

 breathe or you can go ahead and move your arm up and down and you can do that until that

pain kind of subsides and then you'll follow that rib outward toward the armpit go to the next

tender spot go around your imaginary clock find the direction that's most tender and then

what you're going to do again is just move about it about ten times and you can again kind of

move a little bit more towards your armpit feel for the tender spot go around the imaginary

 clock and move and keep going and you can go all the way into your armpit as well that feels

 really pretty awful when you get into that digging into the armpit along that ribcage but awful

in a good way but that will go ahead and resolve your pain that stitch or that knot is all gone

and it probably took me about about a minute so go ahead and give that a try again this time

of year during the holiday is super stressful real easy to get that specific knot in your back but

 treat it from the front from the side until next time take a care of your body and spirit it's

the only true home that you really have. Next Types of Chest Pain on the Left Side That are Not Heart Attack

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