Natural Remedies for Receding Gums – Your Guide to Crystal White Teeth

receding gums

How to use wheatgrass powder for receding gums one the teeth and gums are very important as they allow us to chew our food this is an integral part of digestion - lots of people suffer

with receding gums this is where some of the gums above and around the teeth disappear

leaving more of the tooth enamel showing this can make people feel self-conscious and it can

also cause the teeth to decay faster as the gums are the first layer of protection three receding

 gums are caused by bacterial infections in the mouth such as gingivitis or gum disease the good

 news is that you can heal the gums by using today's natural remedy to supply the body with

the right nutrients and get rid of any infections let's take a look at the recipe you will need 1/4

 teaspoon of organic wheat grass powder and 30 milliliters of spring water in a shot glass

method add the water and wheatgrass powder to a shot glass and stir well until dissolved this

will form a dark green colored fluid swish the mixture gently around your teeth and gums for 5

 minutes in the morning and at night spit the mixture out into the sink and then brush your

teeth with a regular toothpaste for the wheatgrass contains a powerful pigment called

chlorophyll this is antibacterial and destroys all of the harmful bacteria which is in your

mouth 5 if you do this twice per day you will notice your gums beginning to strengthen they

will become less inflamed and any loose teeth will begin to strengthen back into position 6

scientific research and testimonials show that chlorophyll found in wheatgrass causes the gum

tissue to heal over time 7 some studies show that wheatgrass can be used as a treatment and

preventative for mouth cancer eight many people also use oil pulling as a technique to heal

the gums however wheatgrass is much more effective due to its powerful healing properties

nine consistent use of this remedy will clear chronic bad breath as it neutralizes odors and

keeps the teeth and gums healthy and clean 10 if you are starting to get a sore throat also

known as strap you can gargle with the wheatgrass juice to quickly heal the infection 12 we

also recommend taking an extra clean shot of wheatgrass juice and drinking this before a meal

during the day this will boost your health by providing iron calcium vitamins A C and E in

order to heal the body from within thirteen the Saito chemicals in the powder helped to get

rid of free radicals in the body which are destructive to ourselves 14 taking the wheatgrass

internally and gargling helps to treat chronic sinusitis this condition is quite common where

people suffer with sinus problems such as a regular block nose post-nasal drip or a lump

sensation in the throat 15 it also helps to heal inner ear problems such as tinnitus where you

hear a high-pitched ringing noise usually only in one ear 16 to get rid of toothache simply

hold the shot of wheatgrass in your mouth without swishing on the painful area for about 10

minutes this will soon eliminate pain and pull out any toxins and bacteria which is making the

 problem worse 17 if you prefer to use fresh wheatgrass you can buy the seeds and grow it

easily on the windowsill at home it is one of nature's most powerful natural remedies and can

be used to heal a great variety of problems in the body 18 to learn more about wheatgrass

powder and its benefits please see our other videos thank you very much for listening alike is

always appreciated and remember subscribe for more healthy videos I wish you great health wealth and happiness. Next How to Get Rid of Plaque – Step by Step Guide to Plaque Free Teeth

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