Pimple in Nose: How to Get Rid of It and What Causes Nostril Pimples

pimple in nose

Hey guys this person so in today's article I'm gonna show you how you can get rid of a nose

piercing bump or keloid or pimple is what is also known as so, now I do want to start by saying I'm no

way in shape or form an expert on nose piercings or anything like that I've just done a lot of

research and I've also spoken to a couple different piercers more specifically the one who did

mine and got some instructions and some tips and things like that and honestly I should have
recorded this yesterday because my the bump on my nose is already way smaller than it was

 yesterday just from doing some of the things that I've been doing so I expected this to be

gone by tomorrow evening or the next day so let me show you what it looks like first and

then I'll show you how I'm gonna get rid of it so as you can see the bumps not that big but it's

definitely noticeable there's a few reasons why this can happen again sometimes like right
when it's a new piercing you know this can pop up also if you're using the wrong kind of metal

 so you want to really stick with like 18 or 24 karat gold metals you also want to do stainless

 steel or you can do titanium another big thing is do not touch it with your bare hands because

 most times your hands are dirty now if you just washed your hands really really good and then
you touch it it's probably okay but you really want to use like a q-tip or something else to like

clean it and you want to not touch it also you want to not spin it which I know exactly why

this popped up because those are the two things I do all the time I'm always poking it to push

it back in or sometimes it'll get twisted around inside my nose and I'm not playing with it and I

 just I forget like wash your hands then do it or whatever and so I'm always playing with it and

 I love spinning it's like her I need like a buzzer that was his means every time I try to touch
my nose rings so I know that that's probably what happened with mine is that it just got dirty

 and then this thing popped up because I can't stop touching it so now I'm going to show you

 what there's a couple different options but I'm going to show you the one that I use because it

 goes away so fast and this one that my piercer recommended as well so pretty much we just

need to get saline wound wash then you're gonna want to grab a small container and you'll
spray some of this saline in here not very much at all and now we're gonna heat it up you only

 need this in the microwave for like five to seven seconds like seriously no more than that at

 all then you're gonna need some like q-tips and cotton ball and we're gonna do a warm

compress so I usually start with a q-tip and just kind of rub it in there and then I will just be

careful it might be hot and then you're just gonna go around your piercing and clean that off

you can also just kind of hold this right on top for a few seconds um I usually like to use one

of these little like square cotton balls or you can use gauze on yellow because the only problem
 with this one like especially with mine is that these little fuzzy things can get stuck on it so if

 you have guys use that if you don't just make sure that this is clean and your hands are clean

while you're touching it so then I usually fold it into like quarter and I just kind of soak that in

 there and now I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna hold this over my piercing nice um we were

pushing my nose I'm just gonna hold that over my piercing for probably I'm gonna keep going

 back and forth because it'll this'll start cooling down but you want to do this for about five
minutes if you can and just kind of hold there if you can three times a day if you can do it

 more that's great but man I wish I would have had it on video this thing on my nose I'm not

even kidding was twice the size I like freaked out when I thought it was like what is going on

my nose is exploding so just in 24 hours it's already shrunk half the size so I'm gonna try to

 throw a clip in here so you can see what its gonna look like over the next day or two so you

can see how quickly it'll go down the other way you can do this as well is with sea-salt so make
 sure it's not your like table iodine salt it needs to be like sea salt and you can do the same

 thing just put a very small amount in though in water and mix it around with warm water until

it's completely dissolved and then do the same thing some people will actually put their entire

 nose in there I don't know if you really need to necessarily go that far you definitely can but

using the compress it works just as well the biggest thing. Next Peroxide in Ear Is it Safe? How to Use it?

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