Peroxide in Ear Is it Safe? How to Use it?

peroxide in ear

Hello this is a short article on an easy safe way to clean ear wax out of your ears please note that you should not attempt this technique if there is any chance you have a hole in your

eardrum perforated eardrum or have tubes in your ears for the segi you will need warm tap

water hydrogen peroxide cotton balls and a mixing Cup after running your tap water until it is

blue form you will then fill your mixing Cup with half warm water and half hydrogen peroxide

it does not need to be an exact science just half and half as best as you can do once the

solution is mixed you will then slightly bend the cuff so it makes a spout tilt the head and pour

 the solution into the ear that you desire to clean you will be laying flat and on your side for

about twenty minutes I recommend being somewhere comfortable on a couch or in bed or in

front of the TV before you put the solution in your ear one more thing you also probably

want to lay a towel down on the pillow just in case any of the solution leaks out okay here we

go and now you just get a hang out and be bored for 20 minutes once the 20 minutes is done

 you can sit up and remove they remove the cotton ball and you should see some nice ugly

earwax Irabu Gers whatever you want to call them on the cotton swab after removing the

cotton ball you can turn your head to let the excess fluid rip out and just kind of DAB to get it

out you not want to use a q-tip and I know that seems counterintuitive but unfortunately what

 q-tips generally do is they push the earwax back further down into the ear canal which causes

old the earwax get clogged up and jumped up and clogging your ear anyways so do not use a

q-tip do not hold your nose and blow if your ears feel like the need to be pop that's a bad idea

if you still kind of feel like there's some gunk there you can either repeat the solution or you

can go hang out in the hot shower I won't go in the shower but you just want to kind of turn

your ear under the hot water and just kind of let drain in and drain out to get out all that extra

 gunk once again you will pour the half hydrogen peroxide half water solution into the ear you

 desire to clean put in the cotton ball and then rest your head on a pillow for approximately

twenty minutes until the solution is thoroughly cleaned out that your canal. Nezt posts What Causes Rash Behind Ear?

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