What Does Pelvic Pain Feel Like? Gynecologic and Non-Gynecologic Causes

Pelvic Pain

Hello my name is Isabel green and I am a physician at the Mayo Clinic Rochester and part of the team in the chronic pelvic pain clinic diagnosing causes of and treating pelvic pain can be

 challenging the pelvis is a complicated place it's the crossroads of bones muscles nerves blood

vessels and reproductive system including the uterus and ovaries the bowel and the urinary

 system including the bladder when there is inflammation disease or infection in any of these

systems it can trigger pain pelvic pain can also have more than one cause so several medical

conditions like endometriosis pelvic muscle spasm where irritable bowel syndrome can

contribute to pelvic pain meaning there's more than one source and in turn more than one

 treatment approach that's needed it may be difficult for you to pinpoint the cause of your

pain because the body and its nervous system is not very good at identifying the precise

location or causes of pain pain arising from disease in the bowel might seem like ovary pain to

the brain many of the pelvic organs share nerves that signal back to the brain the body and its

 nerves can also undergo changes in response to pain the nerves may become more sensitive

 in the area where the initial insult injury or infection occurred those nerves can fire or signal

 pain to the brain when previously non painful events like gentle touch occur that's called

sensitization hello my name is Jenna Miller and I'm a women's health nurse practitioner with

my doctorate degree in our chronic pelvic pain clinic in the department of gynecology at the

Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota our goal is to improve our patient's quality of life a team

comprised of a nurse practitioner and a physician evaluates each patient we spent time

listening to our patients and performing a thorough examination to guide our

recommendations dr. green mentioned commonly our patients have more than one cause of

their pain because pain can be complex and multifactorial it is best treated to a

 multidisciplinary approach treatments may include hormonal medications physical therapy

meditation and stress reduction exercises sexual health therapy trigger point injections or care
with other non gynecologic specialists such as those who specialize in the GI tract surgery

may be indicated to treat your pain but many causes of pelvic pain don't respond to. Next Kidney Pain: What is Causing and How to Relieve it?

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