Pain in Left Temple: Headache or Something Else?

Pain in Left Temple

My name is Ben Johnson not quite sure how these article are going to work together but I just wanted to kind of introduce you to who I am what I do today I think what we'll do is we'll talk

 about just some kind of quick tips for massage therapy or for certain areas like somebody has

a headache you know say for example I have a headache kind of in the temple goes kind of

across the I had a couple family members over the Thanksgiving weekend that came in so you know I have a headache it's really bothering these on the right right side right through here

this is kind of right where I feel it I want you know a very simple thing to do there's a spot

here in the shoulder it's about a couple inches off the crevice of the neck about four inches or

so off the show the tip of the shoulder there's a there's gonna be a really soft tender spot right

 through there and all I did was basically hold this area down I might have you know you have

the DeLaet muscle the big thick muscle and underneath that you get your finger underneath

that you can hit the levator which is shrug their shoulders up that's the action of the levator

and we just kind of moved it up pinned it dropped it down did that a couple times drop it down

and then just held it there for I don't know 30 seconds 45 seconds or something like that and

that was enough to take care of both the headaches both the different people that we had and

 then I can go into more detail but that was just a quick tip another big thing that I'm of

 course not doing myself because I'm tired and rounded posture but the other thing is really big

is posture related so I really talk to my clients about having a really good posture picking the

 sternum up and just bring the shoulders back it's not so much just rounding the shoulder just

taking the shoulder the scapula back towards the spine if you have the spine let me see if I am

to serve this the spine and all the muscles are to the spine and then you have on both sides

you have the different muscles going to the spine and they stretch out because of the rounded

posture it's like a rubber band that's being pulled too tight a lot of people feel the pain on the

back side so if you have let's go this way you if your back is shaped like this these muscles on

 the back are going to be stretched out these are going to be shortened and then you feel pain

 patterns back here where the weakest link is that usually mid back where the lower trap

attaches to or the upper neck or the upper trap attaches you will get inflamed and then it'll

become tender and a lot of people make the mistake of okay it's tender that's where I feel

 pain that's why I rub it if you look at it as an infection if you have an infection in any part of your body you know just like in ingrown fingernail or toenail or something like that you'll

 have you know get really red and sore the last thing you want to do is rub it you know but for

some reason everybody thinks that it's okay to rub the back your neck that this is hurting

back here and it's tender to the touch don't touch it ice it and then what we need to do is we

 need to focus on the opposite of this area and with the neck it's pretty complex but it's also

 can be very simple too once you know the actions of the shoulders so we're going to do is run

just talk a little bit about certain things that you can do in regards to increasing going for if

you have this curve and instead of stretching these out and getting the chair massage and

 working the back of these muscles here what we want to do is you want to take this part and

we want to straighten it by straightening it it allows all the muscles and everything to drop

back into the spine it releases the inflammation the stretching that's occurring the body will

take care of the inflammation itself and I'll filter through the system now these front muscles

so this is the back this is the front and then it there's specific muscles that go all the way into

the front of the rib cage example I have right through here's PEC minor it's underneath the big PEC major muscle I'll try to find a website or something for you guys to look at for

specific muscles but the PEC minor really holds that shoulder forward so if I go this way so if

my shoulders back good posture nice and great but one height tired everything rounds forward

this PEC minor is underneath attaches to that shoulder so if we loosen this up stretch it out

then we can bring the shoulder back and then all that upper trap stuff loosens up so let's see

that's about a five-minute video we'll try to keep them pretty short and so let's see I'll try to make Mel over here and see what we come up with thank you. Next Upper Left Abdominal Pain: Is it Pancreatitis?

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