Can You Get Muscle Atrophy by Lying in Bed?

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Hi guys, what's up. Today I'd be talking about sarcopenia or your muscle mass decreasing while you're under bed rest muscle wasting basically

because while you're in bed it's very easy to lose muscle I already know this cuz last year I had to be in bed for the same exact thing which was flat foot surgery

or they reconstruct your feet stock for this I'll be able to walk normally now so the last time I have to do this but I'm very familiar with

how easy it is to lose muscle while you're under bed rest literally one of my thighs they were about half the size of my other one

but it came back pretty fast but it definitely helps to exercise in bed definitely helps

because when you have more muscle due to exercising the recovery is much easier there country is much easier when you have more muscle mass

so I use crutches right here I don't know if you can see but I use these right here that definitely ups it helps to work out your triceps it just helps

to get up every hour move around that obviously is gonna help to build muscle and I've worked out also using dumbbells

in the bed so I'll do dumbbell presses to work out my chest I will do curls sitting at the edge of the bed I'll do overheads overhead tricep extensions to work out my triceps I'll do things with a band

so right here I'll use this thing right here I'll use this and I pretty much hold it with both hands and I spread it

and I go away from my stuff like that to work out my back cuz you're not gonna really work out your back while you're in bed it's gonna be hard

so I use bands that's very useful but pretty much I want to show you guys how I work out my legs

because especially with foot surgery you really want to work out your legs even though you can't put weight on the foot that had surgery

so let me show you my legs right now some things that I do to work out my lower body to keep my muscle mass up

so as you guys can see I had surgery on my left foot so I got to keep up the muscle mass of my left leg so it doesn't go down too much

and last time I had surgery on this leg this leg was about the thigh was about half the size of this one so after several weeks pass it's gonna be this leg it's gonna be a lot smaller

but I still want to keep my muscle mass up so what are some things I do well I do these things called quad sets

so I basically contract my thighs are contract my quads so I go like this and I just squeeze my quads right here

so I can I can track them I just hold for three seconds I do that for about three sets of ten so I just go like that right there that helps just to warm up

and then I do something for my else for my quads and my abs so I basically contract my abs now you know how to do that just contract your abs

and then I lift my leg up so I do straight leg raises like that up like that and you need your abs to contract to stabilize your core

so this helps to work out your abs and it works out your quads just by doing that how'd I do that with both legs so that helps to keep your muscle up

and another thing you really want to do is you really want to well you can also work out your hip flexors to bring your legs up

and down like that that's can work out your hip flexors right here right there and

so huge muscle you want to work out a major muscles your gluteus medius because if this muscle gets weak your neat your legs can cave in more

and you don't want that that's gonna cause knee pain so how do you work that out that in bed well you just go on your side like this your bottom leg is bent your top leg straight

and you just lift it up and down like that up slow down slow and that's gonna work out your gluteus medius muscle on the side of your hip right there

so you go up it's slow and down slow like that and that helps out too and so those are some things I do you can also squeeze your

 butt I just squeeze my butt while I'm in bed

so I just squeeze like right here squeeze that helps to three sets of like three-second holds ten times that helps

and those are just some basic exercises I do to help to improve my muscle mass alright guys hope we found this article informative actually wrote a detailed article

on how to build muscle in general I'll link it in the description below on how to build muscle it's a really detailed article you should check it out and basically.

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