Best Lower Back Stretches - Say Goodbye to the Pain

Best Lower Back Stretches

Hey everybody its dr. Jo and Ridley and today I'm gonna show you the top ten low back stretches so let's get started disclaimer disclaimer alert a lot of you asked me how many should

I do generally with stretches you want to hold them for 30 seconds and do three on each side

 number one pelvic tilt so you might hear me say pelvic tilt for a lot of different things but it

really is a great stretch this one is really going to loosen up those back muscles and it's one of

 my favorites to do for a supine pelvic tilt lie down on the ground with your legs propped up

feet flat on the ground and imagine that you're trying to squish your hand if it was underneath

 you so push down rotate the hips and come back up number two the cat dog stretch again

 with the cat and the dog my favorite because it's animals it's really really great stretch for

your low back you can feel it stretching forwards and backwards with those two motions and it

 really loosens up that low back for the cat dog stretch get on all fours you're gonna arch your

 back like a cat and tuck your chin in and then drop your back down and pick your head up so

 number three trunk rotation and supine or lying on your back so this one's really good just to

 start getting some rotational movements and your back and your back is supported on the

floor so it's a nice stretch for a trunk rotation stretch bend both knees up and keep your feet

flat on the ground then just rotate your knees to one side trying to keep the upper part of

your body flat and hold that stretch you number four trunk rotation with a leg crossover if just the regular rotation isn't quite enough stretch for you if you bring your leg up and over it's

 going to give you an even bigger stretch and sometimes you'll feel a little pop in your low

back because it's readjusting your spine for a lower back stretch lying down place one leg

 straight out and pull the other one up to about a 90 degree angle and then pull it across your

body number five hamstring stretch with a strap using a strap or a rope or a dog leash to

stretch out your hamstrings is a great way to get that stretch and just keep those muscles nice

and relaxed for hamstring stretch in supine with a strap you can use a belt or a dog leash take the belt and put it at the ball of your foot straighten out your leg as much as you can you want

 that knee to be straight so if it bends then bring it back down a little bit pull your toes towards

you and bring it up till you feel a stretch and hold it you number six hip flexor stretch off of a

 bed this is a great way to stretch out your hip flexors if you have knee problems and you can't

do it really well in a lunge stretch if you just take your leg and drop it off the edge of the bed

 without falling off it really stretches out those hip flexor muscles for hip flexor stretch off

the bed lie down on your back on a bed and get close to the edge but try not to fall off the bed

 bring one leg down off the edge letting it hang lie back a little bit and then bring the other

knee up towards your chest and hold that stretch you number seven a prone press up so if

 you're on your stomach and you're pressing up you get a nice stretch in your low back in and

your abdominals this is sometimes contraindicated for certain back conditions so make sure

 this is something this is general pain or maybe a disc issue and if you're not quite sure what it

is you might want to hold off on this one for a problem press up lie on your stomach and then

put your hands flat on the ground and press your upper body up try and keep your hips down

so you're not coming up with the hips but the hips are down and you're bending just at your

back and then hold it number eight I need a chest stretch it does a great job of stretching out

that low back but make sure if you have some knee problems don't put too much pressure on

your knees when you're stretching for a single knee to chest fit in both knees up then take

your hands and grab underneath your thigh and pull towards your chest holding that stretch

 you number nine double need a chest stretch so after you do just the single knee if you bring

them both up together it's a really good overall stretch on your low back as well as your upper back to for a double knee to chest stretch prop both knees up then grab underneath both

thighs and pull your knees towards your chest holding that stretch number ten a prayer stretch

 or Child's Pose whichever one you want to call it this is just a great whole body stretch you

can get your arms you can get your upper back your lower back your hips and your knees so

it's a good one to finish with for the prayer stretch start off sitting on your feet and then

you're going to push your arms straight out in front of you on the ground holding the stretch

 so there you have it those were your top ten low back stretches. Next Scapula Pain - How to Relieve Pain in Shoulder Blades

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