Stop Ignoring These Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

low blood pressure symptoms

Hey guys so today we're talking about blood pressure, low blood pressure symptoms and most people worry about high blood pressure and a good reason as it portends numerous health risks

such as the possibility of increased risk and heart attacks and strokes but most people don't

know that low blood pressure brings a different set of problems such as reduced brain function

and increased mortality risk if the upper or lower number deviates by more than 10

millimeters of mercury from 120 over 80 it pays to be aware low blood pressure may be

affecting your health think of it like this the function of blood pressure is to push the blood

out of your blood vessels by permeating out to the rest of your body high blood pressure is

often a compensatory response to something that's going on in the body it's not quite

functioning right if you cover up that end response of your body you can get other symptoms

 such as a very common side effect of blood pressure medications as brain fog or mental

 unclarity which really makes perfect sense your brain is not getting the blood or oxygen it

needs to function which equals yeah as a side note I often find that in the elderly if they have not taken care of themselves and their arteries are already starting to harden this will lead to

 decreased permeability of those blood vessels as a result blood pressure goes up to compensate

to get blood to the brain if you lower our blood pressure too much during this time you know

think too much so your blood pressure pushes blood through about 100,000 miles of veins

 arteries and capillaries in the body carrying oxygen nutrients immune cells hormones

neurotransmitters and other vital compounds high blood pressure strains those blood vessels

however low blood pressure means not enough blood is getting to capillaries and tissues

 particularly in your hands feet and brain this deprives those tissues of sufficient oxygen and

nutrients you may have chronic nail fungal infections cold hands and feet these can also be

signs that the immune system is not working as well as a so it pays to check both of those the

 most common cause of low blood pressure other than taking blood pressure medication is

poor adrenal function the adrenals are two walnut-sized glands that sit on top your kidneys

they produce the stress hormones and help regulate blood pressure many people today suffer

from adrenal fatigue due to chronic stress other causes of adrenal fatigue or poor diets low

blood sugar chronic infections gut problems inflammation and unmanaged autoimmunity all of

 these are stressors adrenal fatigue symptoms include chronic tiredness low blood sugar losing

 function between meals getting sick all the time and low blood pressure so part of the way

that this happens is that with adrenal fatigue it's not uncommon for it to cause your potassium levels to go up and your sodium levels to go down usually in the later stages this can lead to

even lower blood pressure this is why sometimes I'll recommend certain people with adrenal

fatigue issues salt their food with liberal amounts of healthy salt restrictions apply primarily

either sea or Himalayan salt now this is not for everyone but it can be very effective means of increasing blood pressure temporarily so as not to contribute the chronic cycle of adrenal

 fatigue loop another issue is orthostatic hypotension this is a common type of low blood

pressure that causes lightheadedness when you go from sitting to standing this happens because

 blood pools on the legs upon standing slowing blood flow back to the heart and brain you'll be

diagnosed with hyper with orthostatic hypotension when the top number of our blood pressure

 Falls by 20 and the bottom number by 10 upon standing so although orthostatic hypotension

is a red flag you need to address your low blood pressure it becomes more dangerous when it

makes you fall off ain't orthostatic hypertension is commonly found in those with low blood

pressure and Lotion blood sugar but people with high blood pressure can have it too so what

are some functional medicine tips for a low blood pressure if you have signs and symptoms of

low blood pressure and adrenal fatigue consider an adrenal saliva test this measures levels of

the adrenal hormone cortisol throughout the day in addition to DHEA in those cases this

gives you a more precise therapy target to follow-up testing to let you know if your protocol

 is the right track and again everyone knows a person with high blood pressure should avoid

salt by adding some good-quality sea salt or Himalayan salt to your diet may help boost low

blood pressure in fact you may be one of those people who crave salt and again check out my

recommendations for different types of healthy salts a nutritional compound that can help

raise low blood pressure is licorice root extract or glycyrrhiza this can extend the life of

cortisol on the body and improve improve blood volume and electrolyte balance both good

things for low blood pressure there's also certain herbs called adaptogenic herbs which will help regulate healthy cortisol levels in the body I've included a few links to some of my favorites

such as cortisol column by parent capsule ations cortisol manager and some other things you

can also try lavender rose chamomile essential oils and some teas so of course it's important

to address what's causing the adrenal fatigue adrenal fatigue is always secondary to some other

 thing that's going on such as stress the most common one of the most common causes is

eating a diet that causes low blood sugar eating a good breakfast skipping sweets and sweet

 drinks minimizing starchy foods and eating regularly enough to sustain blood sugar or helpful

strategies of course it's often a lot more involved than that for more advice on supporting

healthy adrenal function and blood sugar weather or blood pressure I should say whether it's

too high or too low gave my office a call we'll be happy to help check out the links for some

of the products that I recommend in the meantime I'm dr. Craig Mortensen be healthy be happy you. Next How to Fight High Cholesterol by Including These Foods in Your Diet

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