Influenza B Symptoms – Are They Truly Less Severe than Influenza A?

influenza b symptoms

Type B flu symptoms it's caused by a virus to the respiratory system there are three types of flu there's a B and C and

this is about Type B fever is usually over a hundred degrees in an adult and it can even be higher in a child person will normally present with a cough sore throat runny or stuffy nose

headache muscle aches increasingly tired with fatigue and maelys nausea vomiting or diarrhea

can accomplish this also you might see that the person can with a and me where it's a seasonal
thing that we normally see they can be easily hospitalized with this type of flu and there are

deaths that are a come to this so it's when someone says they have the flu it's not something

to to really be sneezed at it's something that should be taken seriously so that the licensed

medical physician can decide what type of flu bug you have so this is a few other signs and symptoms of the type B flu.

if you're worried about every egg pain scrape or cough well this show is for you because

I have the definitive worrywarts guide to alleviate your biggest health worries so you know

 when you can relax you start I put a poll on dr. oz calm to find out what you worry about

most so let's go to the worry wall let's look at what happened to 42% of you because you

worry about catching the flu like maritza who sent us this video hey dr. oz is flu season again
 and my anxiety levels are through the roof every time someone sneezes around me all I see is

 this big green smog I've now become a cyberchondria act I research all the time for

symptoms that probably I'm not even there and my paranoid or am I just a little kooky so

Bruce is joining us so why do you worry so much about the flu I worry about everything I

worry that I'm gonna get it everyone has the flu these days and I take the train to work so

people sneeze things fly around yeah totally scared I'm so I I constantly call my doctors

they're sick of me i I think I you have everything yeah you call yourself a cyber conjurer how much time you actually spend online looking up these different illnesses all day long every

single day I research everything alright someone help alleviate your worries there's our

purpose today I'm gonna make sure you know when you're safe and then when you're not that

way you'll feel a bit more comfortable everything in life okay so here's when not to worry I'll

 give you an acronym up here you don't worry I want you think of the word cold case cold

case because case stands for the four things that are good to have but don't mean you have a
flow so they are congestion and acute cough or sore throat and an earache now a lot of folks

are gonna be surprised but these systems alone are likely not to be the flu so they think

they're sore throat don't panic I got that flow alright that's commonly not the first thing that

fluid tell you in fact what does usually signify a flow can be remembered by using the word flu

fax okay I think of the word fax put them up there the F stands for fever over 100 degrees

aches of course all those muscle aches also the tiredness they're more commonly with the flu

again not with the climbing cold so if you've got the flu fax that list of symptoms on the left side over there then you can you know go over if you want to go visit your doctor. next Identifying The Most Common Types of Pneumonia

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