Top 6 Natural Exercise to Improve Eyesight

improve eyesight naturally

Hello friends, I have something fun and exciting to talk to you guys about today I am starting a new journey and I wanted to make this article so that you guys can keep me accountable I

need your help to keep me accountable I mean because this is going to be long and it's going to

be arduous but I have a goal in mind and I want to achieve it and I need you guys to help me so
I figure if I make this public then you guys can help keep me accountable so if you don't

recognize me it's because I'm not wearing my glasses and no I'm not wearing my contacts and

 no I cannot see I have a prescription of my myopia prescription I do not have astigmatism

but I am myopic and I have a negative 3.25 in one eye and a negative 4.75 in the other eye so

I have a pretty high prescription and I have quite a big difference in my eyes I've been wearing
glasses since I was about seven or nine I can't remember exactly but it was in early childhood

that I started wearing glasses and I wore them all the time except for when I was sleeping until

 now and I'm 33 now so I've been wearing them for many many years and I recently came

 across a technique called the Bates Method and it's been around for a long time it's been
around since the early 1900s it was started by William Bates and he was an ophthalmologist

and he was seeing how people who wore glasses the glasses didn't help their eyesight their

 eyesight continued to worsen and worsen over the years and the glasses actually made their

eye muscles weaker and so I was noticing that every time I went to the eye doctor they would

 give me a higher prescription and I thought okay well this can't continue that much longer I
mean I'm in my early 30s what are my eyes going to be by the time I'm 50 so I started

researching and I started thinking well one it's not sustainable I mean I don't know if anybody

 out there are Preppers if you're worried about the economy if you're worried about maybe not having access to medical care always or if you just interested in saving money or if you're just

 interested in taking more control of your own health and not always being dependent on the

medical system or dependent on crutches and on assistive devices that you really it turns out

don't need and can actually get away from so I've been researching and studying the Bates
Method and the base method is not about eye exercises it's not about strengthening your eye

 muscles it's actually about relaxation and how blurry vision myopia nearsightedness

farsightedness those are actually caused by muscles that are too tight that are strained that are

 holding you're squeezing your eyeball in an unnatural position it's not allowing you to focus

on things near and things far they're kind of stuck in one spot so you can focus on things that
 are close but you can't focus on things that are far or vice-versa because those muscles are

tensed and stuck and strained and so the Bates Method is all about relaxation it's about

consciously learning to relax your eyes to relax your eye muscles to use your eyes in a natural

way not straining not staring not squinting and so I am going to be going on this journey and
the first step is to stop wearing your glasses so I have stopped wearing my glasses and because

of the degree of my prescription I can't see clearly past about two feet from my face so when

I'm cooking when I'm cleaning or whatever I'm doing around the house I everything is blurry

to me and that's just something that I have to do and if you're going to do this you have to

 accept what you can't see except what is blurry and appreciate what you can see so when I'm
reading this book I can hold it here and I can read it and I can see it clearly and I'm thankful

 for that and I'm going to be working to be able to regain my eyesight and so if you want to

join me just comment and I'll tell you some of the resources that I found and some of the

things I'm using if you just want to encourage me I'd love to have your comments of

 encouragement as well if you have questions I know a lot of people have questions about this
I can point you to other people who have more answers than I do since I'm just getting started

but this is the book that I bought it's actually a pretty good sized book I when I bought it I

thought it was just maybe a little book but it's a pretty good sized book called give up your

glasses for good and this is by Nathan oxen felled and he has a website it's called integral
eyesight calm and I will put a link to that in the description below this video and this is a

basically a manual on on how to do the Bates Method and improve your eyesight and get rid

of your glasses for good and he is a certified Bates Method instructor and he learned from

someone who learned from someone who learned from someone who learned from Bates

himself so he's in the the direct lineage of Bates Method instructors and I had a hour-and-a-half consultation with him via Skype a couple days ago and it was very helpful and he provides

video coaching and one-on-one instruction he provides online instruction so you can be

anywhere and he can help you go through this so I'm starting by getting this book I'm going to

 be working through it it has detailed descriptions of the exercises so that you know you're

doing them correctly this is great for me it has checklist so every day you can mark off which
exercises you did and that helps also keep you accountable I have an eye chart up in my home

 so that I can measure my improvement as it goes along so that's what I'm doing I just wanted

 to let you guys know that a1 so you can keep me accountable too so maybe you can join me

 I'd love to have you join me if you want to comment and commit and we'll umm we'll do it
together I think that would be awesome I'll be sharing my progress probably every couple

weeks just let you know how things are going I'm going to be looking at some other tools to

help me as far as wellness support nutritional supplements oils that kind of thing and I'll let

you know what I found that works that helps it doesn't work so that's it thanks for watching

and I'm super excited and I hope you go and do some research and find out about these i

crutches there I crush is and that you may not really need them and it's super super exciting.
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